Prince Harry's relationship with ex girlfriend Chelsy Davy ruined by press, court hears

Prince Harry was serious about David Sherborne, and wanted to continue his relationship with ex-girlfriend

By Web Desk
June 05, 2023

Prince Harry’s lawyer David Sherborne has revealed some shocking details about Prince Harry and his ex-girlfriend's relationship in his witness statement on Monday, saying the Duke's relationship with Chelsy Davy given ‘little chance’ because of press intrusion.

Sherborne said in his witness statement, yet to be made public, said Harry refers to “how little chance this relationship was given because of this” and describes how it affected his relationships going forward.


Harry's lawyer's claims suggest as King Charles III's younger son was serious about Davy, and wanted to continue his relationship with ex-girlfriend.

Referring to articles from the time of Harry’s relationship with Ms Davy, Mr Sherborne said to Justice Fancourt that he would notice "how young Prince Harry looks".

The Barrister continued: "He is little more than a child, as was Ms Davy at the time."

"As he explains, it was as if they never felt they were on their own, which placed a huge amount of strain on their relationship and... ultimately led Ms Davy to decide a royal life was not for her." he told the court.

Sherborne went on: "It also caused their circle of friends to become smaller and smaller, meaning that relationships were lost entirely unnecessarily, ” adding that it's something common to many alleged victims of unlawful information gathering.

He also said press intrusion led to Harry "suffering bouts of depression as a result, which was hardly surprising."

"Who could forgive him for being protective as he grew up for future relationships, seeing... what those around him would be subjected to," said the barrister. He also shared details how harry and William's relationship affected by the press.