Decision on military trial of PTI top brass expected next week

By Muhammad Saleh Zaafir
June 04, 2023

ISLAMABAD: The ultimate decision to try the top PTI leaders, either in military or special courts of anti-terrorism, will be taken next week. Sources said sufficient evidence has been gathered by the agencies concerned to establish their crimes. Three high echelon meetings would be held in a row soon after the return of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif from Turkey. The prime minister is returning to Lahore from Ankara late in the evening today (Sunday). Sources said that investigating agencies have gathered credible evidence regarding the involvement of former PTI chairman in planning, guiding, and executing heinous acts of rioting, looting, and putting the military installations on fire on May 9 and 10. The PTI chairman identified the places where anti-state criminal activity was to be performed.


The sources revealed that despite being in confinement, Imran was in communication with his party’s pointmen, who were directly issuing commands for destruction of installations and Shuhada memorials. The meeting of the cabinet’s National Security Committee (NSC) would be of paramount significance, with service chiefs, military and civil intelligence gathering agency heads, federal ministers and secretaries of security-related divisions and ministries and all chief ministers in attendance. The NSC members would be briefed on the evidence pertaining to the involvement and external links of perpetrators of the acts of May 9-10 by the officials concerned, the sources said.According to the initial schedule, the meeting had to take place on Friday last week but was deferred due to the invitation received by the prime minister at a short notice from Turkish President Erdogan to be in Ankara for his oath ceremony. The NSC huddle could take place on June 6 (Tuesday), which would be followed by a summit of the ruling alliance.

The sources indicated yet another huddle would take place in GHQ, Rawalpindi, on June 8 (Thursday) where the overall situation would be reviewed and endorsement for certain actions related to military officials, would be accorded.

Meanwhile, the sources said that the role of law enforcement agencies (LEA) and organisations of intelligence gathering, both civil and military, in the wake of the incidents of May 9-10 has been appreciated on all levels in the government.

Officials acted swiftly and in an exceedingly responsible manner. The officers and personnel, who have demonstrated high standards of performance, would be rewarded befittingly.

The security arrangements across the country and especially in Lahore would remain in place in the next few days, the sources added.