Elon Musk faces backlash for anti-Trans tweets

Over past 24 hours, Musk has been actively promoting and sharing increasingly radical and unhinged anti-transgender content

By Web Desk
June 03, 2023

Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Twitter and SpaceX, has recently come under fire for his controversial actions on social media.

Over the past 24 hours, Musk has been actively promoting and sharing increasingly radical and unhinged anti-transgender content. This development follows right-wing criticism targeting him for reducing the visibility of "What is a Woman?", a film by The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh that promotes intolerance towards transgender individuals and opposes medical intervention for trans children.


Musk initially criticised the decision to limit the film's visibility, calling it a "mistake by many people at Twitter" and vowed to rectify it. However, contrary to his promises, he later shared the video himself and urged every parent to watch it. This move sparked widespread outrage and accusations of hypocrisy, considering Musk's previous criticism of the platform's handling of controversial content.

Moreover, Musk went even further, vowing to actively lobby for the criminalisation of healthcare options for transgender children. He argued that children are incapable of giving consent, thereby justifying his position. This stance has put him at odds with medical professionals and advocates who assert that gender-affirming care, such as puberty blockers and hormone replacement therapy, can be vital for trans youth.

It is worth noting that Musk's own teenage daughter is transgender, having legally changed her name last year to distance herself from her father. This fact adds another layer of complexity to the situation, raising questions about Musk's personal beliefs and motivations.

Musk's actions and statements have further exacerbated tensions within Twitter. Several top executives, including the head of safety, have left the company in recent days. There are reports of harassment towards remaining staff members due to Musk's controversial remarks and their association with the decision to limit the film's visibility.

Additionally, concerns have been raised about Twitter's ad policy and its enforcement, with some employees questioning how to handle ads that include hate speech.

This recent episode adds to the growing criticism surrounding Musk's leadership of Twitter, particularly his perceived favoritism towards right-wing voices and his role in reinstating banned accounts. The billionaire's actions have sparked a larger debate about the responsibilities of tech leaders, freedom of speech, and the potential harm caused by amplifying harmful narratives.

As the fallout from Musk's tweets continues, it remains to be seen how this controversy will impact both his personal reputation and the future of Twitter under his leadership.