Prince Harry ‘plods along in a cheerless way’ despite being as ‘fake as a £30 note’

Prince Harry has come under fire for being ‘as fake as a £30 note’

By Web Desk
May 31, 2023


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have just come under fire for sparking claims that are “as questionable as a £30 note”.

These revelations and claims have been issued by British journalist and author Petronella ‘Petsy’ Aspasia Wyatt.

Her insights have been shared with The Telegraph, where Ms Wyatt speaks at length about what kind of “inescapably visible” phenomenon Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are.

She even went as far as to ask, “what forces combined to produce them in the first place”, before doubling down and asking “how have they managed to hold out so long against the blasts of disheartening misunderstanding and misrepresentation?”

For Ms Wyatt, “there is something almost heroic in the way they have held their perilous ground, disdaining all compromise, unmoved by their vociferous critics.”

By now “they have faced every conceivable form of attack that rational people are capable of mounting and yet they have scarcely budged an inch.”

“Even when their “nearly catastrophic” two-hour car chase was shown to be as questionable as a £30 note, it failed to move them.”

“They still plod along in the cheerless and laborious way they first marked out for themselves and are as undaunted by legal rulings as they are by abuse.”