Elephant wreaks havoc, kills eleventh man

The mammal, who is now retreated to a forest, also injured three people

By Web Desk
May 30, 2023
Elephant named Arikomban. — Screengrab from a video/Twitter

An Indian town was thrown into a state of fear after a wild elephant destroyed dozens of homes, shops and cars in recent months and killed an 11th man this weekend.

According to Sky News, the elephant, namedArikomban, terrorised the town ofCumbum in Tamil Nadu.


As the authorities tried to tranquilise and relocate the elephant, they asked the residents to stay inside their homes over the weekend.

The power was cut off and public transport was also stopped as the big mammal made its way through the town.

The recent death occurred when an elephant destroyed an autorickshaw, eventually killing its owner. He tried running away from the elephant but fell and suffered a severe head injury and internal bleeding.

Moreover, three other people were also injured by the elephant. The animal has now retreated into forests.

Arikomban — whose name is translated to rice tusker — has killed 11 people in recent years and destroyed around 300 houses and shops in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

He was named after he raided local shops and kitchens for rice. A case against him was also filed by the residents to deal with the issue.

A feature film about Arikomban's life is also in the works.