Indian Twitterati jokes over PM Modi's 'King Charles-like' entry to new parliament

Modi becomes a target of Twitter comics for his unique entry into newly-constructed parliament building

By Web Desk
May 29, 2023
A photoshopped image of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's face placed on that of King Charles III. — Twitter/SevadalKL

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is infamous for being the butt of jokes among netizens time and again and is often memed by the younger generation for his eccentric speeches and demeanour.

This time, however, Modi — known for his right wing politics — landed himself into the world of Twitter comics for his entry into the Indian Parliament's newly-constructed building on Sunday, which has been garnering immense attention on the internet.


Modi has also been getting flak for the unveiling ceremony of the building, which comes at a time when the country is surrounded by protests, boycotts and his government's ceaseless human rights violations.

The country's politicians have also criticised the Indian premier for inaugurating the prestigious building — replacing the British-era structure — for lawmakers which, according to them, should have been inaugurated by the president.

However, what left Twitterati in splits was Modi's attempt at recreating the coronation ceremony of the British King Charles III, who sat inside the Westminster Abbey holding the symbolic 'sceptre' in his hand before being throned as the ruler of England.

PM Modi, as per some witty netizens, also wanted to claim his right on the Indian nation by taking over the honour of inaugurating the building from the country's president. He, too, carried India's historic 'Sengol' — received by India's first-ever prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru at the time of partition — into the Lok Sabha chamber of their shiny new building.

With the Sengol in his hands, Modi also walked towards the building surrounded by a group of priests — landing him into the hands Indian Twitter's comics waiting to crack the funniest of jokes.

One Twitter user joked about Modi replicating the British monarch sharing a meme with the Indian prime minister face pasted in a movie scene.

A Twitter user named Sree tweeted: "Modi got so influenced by Charles’ coronation & the sovereign scepter he found himself a scepter(sengol) which was kept in some museum, to live his dream of being the king!!shah & Tv anchors non stop justifying his action! Now he will be on the look out for a crown!! FekuKing!"

Another user wrote: "'If Charles can have it, why not me?', Modi thinks so …

So Modi decided to have it. Democracy Defied"

One shared a joke about Modi imitating King Charles.

A Twitter account named The Jaipur Dialogues tweeted: "Pic 1: 'King' Charles honouring democracy with a sceptre having a cross. Pic 2: PM Modi killing democracy with a Sengol having a Nandi."