How Pakistan peacekeepers are contributing towards global peace

Our Correspondent
May 29, 2023

29 May 2023, marks 75th anniversary of international peacekeeping Day, for past 63 years, Pakistani peacekeepers helped prevent conflict, protect civilians, advance political solutions, promote...

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29 May 2023, marks 75th anniversary of international peacekeeping Day, for past 63 years, Pakistani peacekeepers helped prevent conflict, protect civilians, advance political solutions, promote human rights, and support democratic processes. Since 1960, over 225,000 of Pakistani blue helmets have served with honour and valour in 48 United Nations Missions in almost all continents of the world. Through their professionalism and dedication, Pakistani peacekeepers have remained instrumental in implementing mandate of United Nations across the globe.

Currently Pakistani contingents deployed in 10 United Nations Missions are playing a significant role in healing war torn societies, maintaining law & order and enabling successful transition of political processes. Last year South Sudan witnessed un-precedence floods, wherein Pakistani troops deployed in South Sudan saved the precious lives of more than 200,000 internally displaced people through sequential construction of extensive dyke system and dewatering of critical points. Due to consistent / dedicated efforts by Pak Engineers for safeguarding the Bentiu town from floods and ensuring opening and maintaining of road infrastructure, local population have developed trust in Pakistani contingent and acknowledge the efforts openly.

In United Nations Mission Abyei, Pakistani peacekeepers have assisted in implementing numerous humanitarian assistance programs besides battling security challenges. In last year approx. 400 families were given free rations, approx. 400,000 liters of clean drinking water was distributed among the locals, besides provision of 60 metric tons of various stores as part humanitarian assistance package delivered to northern part of Abyei.

In United Nations Missions Congo & Central African Republic (CAR), apart from its mandated task of provision of security and protection of civilians, Pakistani peacekeepers have been actively involved in hosting of humanitarian activities. Bulk of the population is being provided medical assistance through establishment of Medical Camps in far flung areas. Contributing in education field through renovation of schools, distribution of stationery and books to students in addition to encouraging education by celebrating various activities in education institutions. Pakistani doctors and Engagement Teams are actively involved in creating gender based awareness, child protection, education against sexual Exploitation & Abuse, health and hygiene awareness and psychological counselling of victims of violence. In CAR aione, Pakistani Engineers are maintaining 1430 kms of main communications arteries connecting the capital with central and eastern part comprising 45% of the land territory and providing assured connectivity to the 60% of the population of CAR during the worst climate conditions.

In UN Mission Mali, Pakistan’s Field Hospital is providing premium healthcare services including lifesaving surgeries to the dependent clientele of 3500 UN Peacekeepers and numerous local civ populace of Mali. In April 2023, the services of Pakistani hospital have been appreciated at various levels in mission as well as UN Headquarters for its constant quest for Excellence and being in-line with the needs of mission dynamics. Moreover, Pakistani Aviation outfits in various missions are also actively engaged in providing air support to arising security challenges as well as humanitarian assistance missions. Prompt response and effectiveness of Pakistani Aviation assets have been acknowledged by all.

At par with their male counterparts, Pakistan Female Peacekeepers are playing a vital role in carrying out humanitarian assistance operations. As part of Engagement Teams, Pakistani Female Peacekeepers serve as Influential mentors and role models for women and girls in post-conflict settings and host communities, hence setting example for them to advocate for their on rights and purse diverse professional carrier. Pakistani Female Peacekeepers have been instrumental in ensuring the effectiveness of peacekeeping mission and humanistic image of peacekeepers.

Pakistan’s Peacekeeping institute ‘Centre for International Peace and Stability’ (CIPS) is a premier institution imparting realistic, focused and mission oriented training to not only Pakistani Peacekeepers but also to the peacekeepers from friendly countries. With the establishment of CIPS, Pakistan became one of the few countries in the world having institutionalized peacekeeping training regime configured to transform soldiers and civilians into peacekeepers as per the training standards of UN Integrated Training Service. To date, CIPS has run 175 courses and 2,853 peacekeepers including 407 officers from friendly countries have been trained at CIPS.

Pakistan being a committed member of the UN has always played an active role in supporting UN’s initiatives like “Action for Peacekeeping” (A4P) and “Action for Peacekeeping Plus” (A4P+) which are aimed at improving the effectiveness of UN peacekeeping missions by strengthening their capacity, improving the safety and security of peacekeepers and ensuring that peacekeepers are better equipped to respond to the challenges of modern conflict.

Pakistan also hosts one of the oldest mission. i.e UN Mission Observer Group for India and Pakistan to monitor the ceasefire violations on Line of Control between Pakistan and illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. In line with UN’s principles and norms, Pakistan being a responsible country has given all out assistance and complete access to the UN observers for completion of their mandate.

For ensure global peace, Pakistan has paid the price with the blood of its 171x bravest peacekeepers, who laid their lives for ensuring peace and stability in war tom societies of the world. Pakistan’s commitment to UN peacekeeping and its initiatives like A4P and A4P Plus demonstrates its leadership and dedication to promoting global peace and security. Through its contributions on the ground and its support for the UN’s broader agenda of peacekeeping, Pakistan has played a critical role in promoting international cooperation and advancing the cause of global peace. Pakistan’s contributions and initiatives will continue to be essential in ensuring the success of future peacekeeping missions.

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