King Charles comes under fire for ‘insulting’ child sex abuse survivors

King Charles’ charity offered to pay child sex abuse survivors but it was slammed as ‘offensive’ and ‘hurtful’ by their representative

By Web Desk
May 28, 2023
King Charles comes under fire for ‘insulting’ child sex abuse survivors

King Charles was called out for being insensitive by the hundreds of British children who were removed from poor working-class families or care homes by the UK government in the last century.

These children were sent to “farm schools” in Australia and Canada for “opportunity and education” and then suffered sexual abuse, per


The monarch’s Prince’s Trust, a charity he founded and of which he is the president, offered to pay just $3800 to children who were sexually abused in Australia.

The Trust is legally liable for the survivors’ claims because it took over Fairbridge, another charity whose previous iteration ran the farm schools, in 2012.

The payment offered to the survivors has been slammed as “outrageous and grossly unfair” and an “insult” by their representatives, who urged Charles to intervene in the matter.

In the letter, reported by the Guardian, David Hill, who was sent to the farm school in the 1950s at age 12, implored the King to correct what he called an “injustice” by his former charity.

“The body which bears the initial responsibility for the sexual, physical and emotional abuse of hundreds of Fairbridge farm children, some as young as five years of age, intends to pay each survivors an amount of up to approximately $3820 or, in many cases, less than that,” Hill wrote.

“I cannot begin to tell you how offensive, hurtful and distressing this is to all Old Fairbridgians, all of whom are now elderly and nearly all of whom have borne the trauma and scarring from their experiences throughout the whole of their lives.

“Many of them have never been able to live anything approaching normal lives as a result of their experiences at Fairbridge institutions.”