Role of journalists termed vital for polio eradication

By Our Correspondent
May 28, 2023

LAKKI MARWAT: Officials and health experts here on Saturday underlined the importance of the role of the journalists in dispelling rumours about the polio vaccination.


They were briefing the members of District Press Club in connection with the polio awareness session programme for journalists.

Dr Shahab Hashim of UNICEF, District Health Officer Lakki Marwat Dr Abdu Gul Wazir, Additional Assistant Commissioner Sultan Nuruddin Ahmar, UNICEF SBC Officer Sohail Khan and President District Press Club Lakki Marwat Ghulam Akbar Marwat spoke on the occasion.

They said that had importance been given to compulsory immunisation, the polio would have been eradicated from the country. The speakers said that the journalist should be engaged for the success of anti-polio campaigns so that rumours in the society could be effectively dispelled.

The speakers maintained that apart from polio, the children could be protected from 12 other dangerous diseases in compulsory immunization. They said that eyes were on the country at the world level because there was poliovirus in environmental samples.

Dr Shahab said, “The people are putting lives of their children at stake and efforts are on to convey the message to the parents through the media that they must get their children vaccinated against polio because, God forbid, once a child is infected with the poliovirus, he or she will be physically disabled for the rest of his life. And the one who carries the burden of others and the child will be a burden on the society and the family.”

DHO Dr Abdu Gul Wazir said that the next anti-polio campaign would start from May 29 till June 6, adding that the arrangements had been completed and the media should play its role in creating awareness among the people about the importance of vaccination.