10 operations conducted to ensure smooth supply of water

By Our Correspondent
May 27, 2023

Islamabad:The civic agency has conducted ten operations under water management plan to ensure smooth supply of water in the face of rising water requirements due to hot weather conditions.


According to the official data, the staff members of the Water Management Wing carried out alignment work of motor pump with the help of laser technology at Sangjani Water Treatment Plant. They identified an illegal water connection near Facilitation Centre in sector G-7-2 and started inquiry into this illegal act.

A state-of-the-art valve has also been installed at water filtration plant in sector G/11-1 that will help improve the quality of drinking water. The cleanliness work on water tanks in sector G/11 has been completed and supply of water restored in the area.

Similarly, the staffers identified water leakages and repaired pipelines in sector F/8-3, sector F/9, sector G/8-1, sector G-9/1 and Margalla Town. A water pump has been replaced in sector G/9-2 and upgradation of a tube-well completed in Pona Faqeeran. The work on water filtration plant in sector G/11-2 has also been completed.

An official has said "We are taking all possible measures to meet the water requirements but the residents should also take precautionary measures in usage of water and avoid wasting clean water for gardening and car washing, which can help save the water during the ongoing summer season."

He said "The civic agency will prepare a strategic water master plan for Islamabad that will cater for bulk water supply, water filtration, distribution, sewage and waste water treatment and disposal, tariff rationalization and strategic planning of water through 2050."

"We will develop a plan for demand side reduction of water, water efficiency and conservation with clear benchmarks, short, medium and long term targets, and strategies/incentives to achieve such targets through tariffs and awareness campaigns," he said.