Trump receives warning in hush money case court appearance

Hearing was held in Manhattan, with Trump connected via video while prosecutors and his lawyers were present in person

By Web Desk
May 24, 2023
Former US President Donald Trump seen photographed in court in April this

Former US President Donald Trump made a video court appearance to receive a warning from Judge Juan Merchan regarding evidence sharing in his criminal hush money case.

This marked his first court appearance since his plea of not guilty to 34 felony counts in April. The hearing was held in Manhattan, with Trump connected via video while prosecutors and his lawyers were present in person.


The purpose of the hearing was to ensure Trump's compliance with new rules that prevent him from using evidence provided by prosecutors to target or attack witnesses. Judge Merchan specifically warned Trump that violating the protective order could result in sanctions or contempt of court. Trump's lawyer, Todd Blanche, assured the judge that Trump understood the order and would comply.

Prosecutors had sought the protective order due to Trump's history of making harassing and threatening statements about individuals involved in legal disputes with him. Their aim was to prevent any dissemination of evidence to third parties or on social media. Additionally, sensitive material shared by prosecutors was to be kept exclusively by Trump's legal team. However, it is important to note that the order does not restrict Trump's right to publicly defend himself.

The court appearance holds significance as Trump is the first former US president to face criminal charges while simultaneously making a bid for the White House in 2024. His lawyers are seeking to move the case to federal court, indicating their strategy to navigate the legal proceedings.

In a separate case, Trump was recently found liable for sexually abusing and defaming writer E Jean Carroll in the 1990s. Despite consistently denying the allegations, he was ordered to pay $5 million in damages to Carroll. Shortly after the ruling, Trump appeared on prime-time television, mocking Carroll and questioning the judge's impartiality.

As the legal battles continue, the hush money case highlights the ongoing legal scrutiny faced by the former president. This court appearance served as a reminder that Trump must adhere to the protective order to avoid potential repercussions. The outcome of the case and its impact on Trump's political ambitions remain uncertain, making it a significant development to watch in the coming months.