Prince Harry ‘should reflect’ on ‘life’s biggest mistake’: ‘Why move to the US?’

Prince Harry urged to ‘reflect’ on how safe he was when living within the ‘leafy confines’ of the Royal Family

By Web Desk
May 21, 2023

Experts believe Prince Harry should find it “worth reflecting that their safety was never compromised” when he lived in the UK, the same country he left due to the media frenzy.

Commentator Camilla Tominey has just referenced some ‘blatant’ differences between Prince Harry’s NYC car chase and the lawsuits he has pending, against major news outlets.

Her revelations were shared in a candid chat with The Telegraph, where she pointed out key differences between the US and UK’s paparazzi, given that Harry ‘fled’ them to survive Meghan’s persecution.

However, she did note that “After what happened to Princess Diana, no one would condone the paparazzi pursuing celebrities in vehicles, not least when there were ample opportunities to photograph the couple at what was a well-publicised event.”

But at the same time as Harry pursues his case against the Home Office, and other news organizations, “it may be worth reflecting that their safety was never compromised when they were living in the leafy confines of Windsor Great Park.”

Thus, this is why “when it came to illustrating Harry’s claim that ‘history was repeating itself,’ and Meghan was in danger of being killed like his mother Diana, Princess of Wales,” many began doubting the claims.