So you think you know: medical drama

May 21, 2023

This week, we have hospitals on our minds. What better way to pay homage to intrusive thoughts than quiz you on the various medical (or adjacent) dramas in the media? Ready? Scrub up!

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1. What ails actor Ghulam Mohiyuddin’s character in Saeed Rizvi’s Sarkata Insaan?

a) He’s a gym bro

b) He seems to be losing his mind

c) He can’t retain information anymore

d) He’s literally headless

2. Babra Sharif suffers from an illness in 1978’s Mehmaan which causes her to lose her breath and gives her very dark undereye circles. So of course, what she needs is:

a) To be happy

b) A backstabbing friend

c) Some Rahat Kazmi

d) All of the above

3. In the ‘90s, ‘blood cancer’ was endemic in Lollywood and Bollywood. Reema’s character in Dil, opposite Shaan, dies dramatically after performing onstage. Her love is expressed through:

a) Her confession that she has had Shaan’s secret child, who lives with her mother

b) A heart-shaped pool of blood she specially throws up for the occasion

c) A heart-shaped pendant she breaks half off for Shaan’s character and asks to be buried with the other half

d) Nothing. She wants him to have no closure and grieve forever.

4. Badar Khalil’s character, Dr Sheena in Dhoop Kinare, believes she’s entitled to Dr Ahmar’s affections because:

a) She is his bachpan ki dost

b) They are roughly the same age

c) Neither of them has a sense of humor

d) Her haircut is worse than Dr Zoya’s


1. D) He’s literally headless

2. D) All of the above

3. B) A heart-shaped pool of blood

4. B) They are roughly the same age

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