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‘Disappointed’ Piers Morgan drags Prince Harry for attending King Charles’ coronation

Piers Morgan lashes out at Prince Harry for attending coronation while blaming Meghan Markle for making him do it

By Web Desk
April 21, 2023

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Piers Morgan revealed he is “very disappointed” that Prince Harry will be attending the coronation ceremony of King Charles despite thrashing the Royal family.

The talk show host slammed the Duke of Sussex for accepting the invitation to the historic ceremony while suspecting that Meghan Markle must have forced him to do it.

Morgan invited author and historian Tessa Dunlop along with King Charles former butler Grant Harold on his show Uncensored to talk about why there is not much excitement around the new monarch’s coronation.

Dunlop suggested there was “royal ceremonial fatigue,” and after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, “the air’s coming out of the machine.”

She said that it might be the case because of Piers and other people in the media for making the feud among the members of the Royal family “deeper” with a “divisive narrative.”

Pier disagreed and added, “Rather than the people doing TV interviews and best-selling books trashing the Royal Family, who happen to be members of the Royal Family?”

“They’re not to blame, it’s us reporting on the trashing that’s the problem,” he added. “It’s such horse manure.”

He was then challenged by Dunlop that he was probably “disappointed that Meghan isn’t going to be at that coronation,” to which he replied, “I’m very disappointed Harry is going to be there.”

“What the hell is Prince Harry doing, having trashed the family in that horrible book he wrote? Morgan added.

“The terrible series they’ve done, the interviews they’ve done, trashy trashy trashy trashy, damaging the institution of the monarchy, and then they have the brass neck – he turns up at the coronation?

“And by the way, we know why he’s doing it,” he said while pointing his fingers towards the Suits alum, adding that she must have told Harry, “You better get over there and get on that balcony somehow, because our entire commercial world depends on you still being a dominant member of the Royal Family.”