Call to resolve economic crisis through APC

By Our Correspondent
March 30, 2023

LAHORE: Pakistanis are facing the most difficult economic conditions in which they are not getting employment and bread and butter which worsened the law and order.


The leadership of the political parties should have mercy on the nation as growing threats to democracy due to the current economic situation is not good; so it is the need of the hour to call an all parties conference to find out the solution to overcome economic crisis.

These views were expressed by discussants in Jang Economic Session on ‘Roti, Atta, jobs are not available - politicians should have mercy on public’. The panelists were Ms Sehar Malik, Qayyum Nizami, Waheed Abbasi, Khalique Arshad, and Haji Yousaf while moderated by Sikindar Lodhi.

Ms Sehar Malik said that there was need to focus on agriculture in rapidly growing inflation as country is also importing agricultural produce which can be produced locally. Currently, Punjab is not meeting its own needs so focus should be on wheat and vegetables crops. The landlords are converting to property businesses and rapid conversion of agricultural land into housing societies is affecting the economy badly alongside industry while public problems are increasing due to the government’s policies.

Qayyum Nizami said decay in every segment of society was visible while a balance is the need of the hour among human beings. Gap of haves and have-nots widened. It is public right to get basic rights with respect, but long queue of free supply of flour is humiliating. Discipline is most important but political parties are lacking behind it as their leaders are also indiscipline. The political parties should call all party conference and discuss public problems and ways to solve them. There is need to develop BISP type programme to subsidise the general public instead of free flour supply in queue. There is need to change the mindset to respect the voter and not the vote.

Waheed Abbasi said corruption is deep rooted in every segment of society which resulted in injustice while no legislation is being made to counter it. It’s unfortunate that Pakistan is an agricultural country and people are not getting flour even standing in queue. Ruling elite is all together to protect their interests while the people are being ignored keeping them busy in bread and butter issues.

Khalique Arshad said that economy is political. Due to current political uncertainty in Pakistan, both and domestic and foreign investors are suffering from lack of confidence. Politicians are blaming each other instead of sitting together and discuss the solution of economic problems which damaging Pakistan’s image globally. Inflation is increasing public anxiety.

The farmer works harder if gets a fair price. There will be no flour shortage with enhanced wheat production. Its inhumane making people queues for flour. The government should give targeted subsidy and give direct money transfers. The politicians should make policies keeping the national interest in front and at the same time discourage blame-shifting and control political parties to normalise the situation.