Why doesn't Mathira let her sons play PUBG?

Mathira says she has told her children that online games are not available in Pakistan

By Web Desk
March 24, 2023


Pakistan's famous host and model Mathira, in a recent interview where she spoke about various aspects of her life, revealed that she does not allow her children to play online games, especially PUBG.

In a recent interview on 'Nothing Happens Here', a comedy podcast, Mathira revealed that she is raising her three sons as a single mother.

She said that her two eldest sons, Gabriel and Zurial, were completely taken care of by her mother, because at that time she [Mathira] was going through a difficult time. She said she had to concentrate on work for the better upbringing of her children and to provide them a comfortable life. Mathira said, however, she is enjoying raising her third son Aahil.

Mathira said that she never allows her children to play any kind of online games, especially PUBG because it is too dangerous.

She opined that online games can lead to children falling into immature relationships and made a reference to the Dua Zahra case.

She further said that she has told her children that online games are not available in Pakistan. "My sons play PlayStation, but its only [allowed] on the computer and not online," she shared.

It should be noted that Mathira was married to Punjabi singer Farran J Mirza in 2012. They welcomed son Ahil in 2014 before announcing their split in 2018.