Protection walls being built in flood-prone areas

By Bureau report
March 22, 2023

PESHAWAR: The Pakistan Community Support Project (PCSP) has initiated field activities in a proactive manner for the construction of flood protection walls in the flood-prone areas of Khyber and Nowshera districts.


The flood protection walls are being constructed in Ali Masjid, Landikotal and Lala Cheena areas of Khyber and Jalozai in Nowshera that would make the communities more resilient to monsoon floods, which have caused substantial damages in the past.

The flood protection walls would span over 3,100 feet in Ali Masjid, 3,170 feet in Lala Cheena, and 3,160 in Jalozai to ensure protection to a large number of villages that are located in these populated areas. Furthermore, the 4,562 feet lengthy flood protection wall in Landi Kotal ranging from Khyber Khwar to Lala Cheena would benefit the communities in 8 villages. All the preparations to that effect have been completed by the PCSP teams in

coordination with the district authorities and local communities.

Under the project, the communities would be involved in the construction activities to ensure monitoring and supervision throughout the process, said an official communique.

The flood protection walls in Ali Masjid, Lala Cheena, Landikotal, and Jalozai would provide a reliable solution to prevent flood damage to homes and crops while also ensuring the safety of communities in the project areas. This is being done in response to the demands made by the local communities through Community-Driven Development (CDD) approach. The community members themselves identified the sites where flood protection walls were needed.