Book on 1971 debacle published

By Our Correspondent
January 30, 2023

LAHORE: Senior journalist Altaf Hasan Qureshee has published a book titled 'Mashriqi Pakistan: Toota Hua Taara' ('East Pakistan: a fallen star') which encompasses a complete and comprehensive history of Fall of Dhaka, says a press release.

The first edition of this 1,408-page book consists of three volumes in which the author has tried to give a detailed history of the split of Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh in the wake of disastrous decision-making of the military ruler and undemocratic behaviour of the erstwhile West Pakistan's mandated leadership. The book also gives an account of vilification election campaign against East Pakistan's heavily mandated leadership, military operation leading to civil war and naked Indian aggression. According to the press release, a broad cross-section of the academia has rated this book as a credible, research-based source on the topic, given the track record of objective writing by the author whose own observations during his frequent visits to East Pakistan before 1971 India- Pakistan war form a major portion of this book.