“Knowing your hair and skin is the secret to better hair and better skin.”

January 29, 2023

Anoushey Ashraf reveals her go-to products and shares some beauty tips with Instep.

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noushey Ashraf’s face is as charming as her personality. The vivacious host and actress is both nice to look at and delightful to be around. The secret to her affable attitude, we presume, is that she has a good head on her shoulders. But how does she maintain her clear skin and healthy hair? With minimal products, it turns out, plus a little bit of technology, and a whole lot of sunblock!


“I don’t really subscribe to a particular brand,” the popular presenter tells Instep, “but I have to say that in terms of skincare products I have always used sunblock since my childhood, like every day of my life.” Sunblock, she feels, has saved her skin from a lot of trouble.

In winter, she hydrates her skin with some Clinique moisturiser. And she tries to stay away from harsh chemicals when it comes to her face. “I’m really into organic stuff,” she reveals. “I’ve been using this organic goat milk soap brand with which I wash my face. I started using it because I didn’t want any sort of intense scents and stuff added into the products that I use on my face, so that’s turned out to be really good.”

Her daily routine involves washing her face in the morning after she wakes up and putting on her sunblock and some blush before heading to work. “In the evening, I do put on some hyaluronic acid after I wash my face, and just maybe some sort of really gentle moisturiser before I sleep; not too much because my skin breaks out otherwise, and that’s literally about it.”


For her hair, Anoushey says she loves her protein treatments and tries to get them as often as she can. “They kind of keep my hair softer [which I need] because of the damage that’s done to them.”

She uses sulphate-free shampoo to wash her hair. And the travel enthusiast and animal lover also sees the benefit in a scalp massage. “The regular head massages and oil massages that happen in the house – they kind of keep the blood circulation going and just keep my scalp healthy and my hair good.”


While she embraces the old-fashioned wisdom of a good oil massage, Anoushey also doesn’t shy away from the more technologically-driven, non-invasive cosmetic procedures. “As the world becomes more and more technologically advanced, I think there are some skincare treatments out there that aren’t particularly invasive but can actually help you achieve the same results faster through technology,” she opines.

The treatments she is inclined to get are HIFU – high-intensity focused ultrasound – for her skin and PRP – platelet-rich plasma – for her hair. “There’s HIFU which I subscribe to – I get it done once every six months and it’s been nice in terms of skin tightening and elasticity. And in terms of haircare, I have tried some PRP; I’m yet to see results but I feel like it’ll happen so I just keep at it.”

While she recommends these treatments for glowing skin and healthy hair, she also adds that what is or isn’t beneficial ultimately comes down to the individual. “Your skin and your hair tell you what is working and what is not working, so no matter how highly recommended something is, if it’s not suiting you, it’s time for you to understand that maybe it’s not for you. So knowing your hair and knowing your skin is perhaps the secret to better hair and better skin.


As for beauty tips, she thinks it basically comes down to good health and good hygiene. “It’s really simple – just lots of water and good sleep; as cliched as it may sound, it is the best solution to better health overall and hence more beauty in terms of good skin and good hair, etcetera.

“Also, keep yourself clean. Basically just make sure you’re clean and getting good sleep and taking less stress, so these beauty tips are all free. And a good moisturiser and a sunblock and a facewash can collectively just sort of enhanced the overall idea and look of beauty.”

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