The shape of Bayaan’s heart

January 29, 2023

2018’s PBOTB winner pays ode to Kashmir and its glorious beauty in their new single, ‘Dil Ka Ghar’.

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“I know that diamonds mean money for this art/But that’s not the shape of my heart.” – ‘Shape of My Heart’ by Sting

Bayaan, a music group that went national after winning Pepsi Battle of the Bands in 2018 ahead of Xarb – who emerged as the runners-up – is making good music, reflected in each of its release.

Featuring Asfar Hussain (vocalist), Haider Abbas (bassist), Shahrukh Aslam (guitarist), Muqeet Shahzad (guitarist), and Mansoor Lashari (drummer), they dropped their album Suno, in 2020 after the Pepsi win. And a good album, too, if not great.

As the pandemic killed music activities at their peak, Bayaan embraced technology and presented Bayaan Qurantine Sessions.

They even gave guitar tutorials for some of their most-loved songs.

Fast forward to 2022, Asfar Hussain appeared with Arooj Aftab in Coke Studio 14 with the song, ‘Mehram’ and the singer’s, as well as the band’s popularity soared.

In addition to the album release in 2020, Bayaan cashed in on the approval of fans and critics by releasing compelling music videos at regular intervals including ‘Teri Tasveer’ and ‘Faryaad’. Somewhere in November 2022, Bayaan dropped the single and music video called ‘Tayraak’, an experimental and animated music video with true grit.

Entering the New Year though, Bayaan has gone positive by giving fans a new song called ‘Dil Ka Ghar’ that is the opposite of ‘Tayraak’. Produced by Rakae Jamil (Red Brick Music Studios), with lyrics by vocalist Asfar Hussain and direction (and drone) helmed by Muaaz Ullah Tarar, the single uses Azad Jammu & Kashmir as its backdrop and the landscape complements the song.

As Asfar sings about putting down roots in this place and the beauty of the space, with references to snowy mountains as well as the band goofing around or walking past rugged terrain, it’s a beautiful ode to a place that has seen far too much violence.

It is the kind of landscape that will make you want to move away from urban dwellings and like Bayaan, make Kashmir a place to call home.

The references to the sound and the smell of the place, embedded intelligently in the lyrics also come through with soft vocals and music.

In fact, in this song, acoustic sonic ideas shape the musical structure, keeping us guessing about what Bayaan will do next. For now, watch and listen to ‘Dil Ka Ghar’.

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