Pathaan isn’t a movie, it’s a state of mind

January 29, 2023

Shah Rukh Khan returns to the big screen with a patriotic – albeit loud and violent – salute to his nation.

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hat the Pathaan trailer really feels like is a big ol’ class of 2011 reunion, with not just SRK, but also Deepika Padukone and John Abraham with some Dimple Kapadia thrown in for good measure. Not to detract from any of these titans of acting, because all of them have done some great work in the last decade, but the cast of Pathaan looks like Aditya Chopra just decided to have a full-action party with his favorite peeps and had someone make really good highlights of the event.

So far, all we had known about Pathaan was that ‘Besharam Rang’ was offending sensibilities across the globe, and that Shah Rukh Khan was wearing his hair in a beachy-wavy lob. But now the film has released across the world except in Pakistan, and we must contend with watching the trailers, and have learnt a few things:

* SRK is Pathaan

* Deepika’s character, like SRK’s, bhi soldier hai

* So many shiny planes and things explode

* Deepika Padukone spends a lot of time horizontal, or not being upright in the ‘Besharam’ video

* But whatever she’s done with her eyebrows is very interesting and changes her face in a very subtle way

* Gentlemen of a certain age, when they wear their hair long, but also in stylish updos, always remind us of a certain Pakistani spiritualist political supporter who was in the news way too much back in the day

* Ashutosh Rana is also in this?

* Dimple Kapadia is playing the M to SRK’s 007.

10/10 would not watch if it comes to a theater near us, but we know the world is Shah Rukh Khan’s fanclub, so we’re passively pleased for all of you.

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