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January 15, 2023

Is 2023 your year, or do you need a pick-me-up? Either way, behold the glory of what internet diving can bring you.

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ho among us hasn’t spent so many hours just tap-tap-tapping through pages of content, only to never feel fulfilled enough to actually get up and do the stuff we were mentally fueling up for? There are things you can definitely do to kind of sort of get up and at least put your shoes on. We don’t mind baby steps towards goals, as long as there are steps; and to that end, here's some quick things to look at for that quick break before you get back to work/life.

AITA on Reddit

The Am I The A**hole subreddit on Reddit is everything. Firstly, there are always dramatic stories on it. There are two genres within these, the actual, terrible stories, where people are suffering, and really put your problems into perspective, and then the fake stories. The fake stories are heavily exaggerated, and you keep thinking, this person/demon hybrid can’t actually be running loose in the world. Odds are 50/50 on this, but the entertainment quotient is high.

Craft Stories

Huma Adnan, who already helms FnkAsia and Huma Adnan Bridals, also is the mind behind Craft Stories, where you can find handmade jewelry made by women refugees, employing indigenous crafts, and really giving that peak accessory vibe. I don’t know what that means exactly, but you know what I mean. The initiative brings us some gorgeous pieces, while allowing the craftswomen to earn a decent income.

Babylicious ka first trailer

Forget all the side stories about this particular movie, and ignore the drama that will surely ignite around it once the press junkets start, but the first trailer for this ‘Essa Khan romance’, a Coconut production, Babylicious has dropped, and it looks like it could be actual fun.

For the serious ones, check out the great interview on Something Haute by Aamna Isani, where the leads, former couple Syra Yousaf and Shehroze Sabzwari, speak about coparenting their child and how that works. For people who collect obscure trivia as a self-soothing mechanism, the film also stars Shezeen Rahat, who made her debut in the sitcom Cheethay and is quite funny, Aamir Qureshi, whom we last saw in Midsummer Chaos, and is coproduced by Waqar Zaka.

Creative Explained for a greener life

This guy’s Insta feed pops with positive energy, but who knew growing an orange tree out of some orange seeds in a paper towel could be so within your reach? Growing a tree? You could probably grow your portfolio/assets/social circle next.

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