PDM, PTI not serious in resolving crises: JI

By Our Correspondent
December 09, 2022

LAHORE:Jamaat-e-Islami has cautioned the nation against the "non-serious" attitude of both ruling PDM parties and opposition in resolving the political, electoral and economic crises facing the country.

The so-called negotiation process is a complete sham and people are being pushed into the quagmire of uncertainty by the mainstream political parties as they are sheltering each other against accountability, said JI naib ameer and head of Political and National Affairs Committee, Liaqat Baloch while addressing a consultative meeting on political and electoral affairs in Mansoora on Thursday.

He said people desperately want solutions to all political, economic, moral and social issues plaguing the society. He said political uncertainty reduced after the appointment of the army chief but the politically incompetent leadership is not ready to come out of the trap of personal ego and intensity of hatred.

Liaqat Baloch said a complete roadmap has already been given over the last seven decades for running the system of Pakistan by several covenants, including the Objective Resolution, the Constitution of Pakistan, 22-points agreed by all scholars of different schools of thought, the recommendations of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) and the Federal Sharia Court.

The decisions have given a very strong foundation and a clear roadmap, but the state institutions and political democratic popular leadership are not ready for action. The people of Pakistan want responsible rulers and good governance system based on the supremacy of the Constitution and Islamic Shariat which is indispensable for the society.

Baloch said that a chaotic rotten system can no longer function, he said, adding that elections based on transparent, unbiased and proportional representation system can bring stability to the republic and democracy, otherwise every general and by-election will bring more destruction and generations of corruption will continue to grow.