Alvi concerned over restrictions on women to pray at Faisal Mosque

By News Desk
December 07, 2022

ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi on Tuesday said that women in modest Islamic dress with covered hair are allowed in mosques all over the world to offer prayers, but restrictions are imposed at Faisal Mosque — where women can neither offer prayers nor visit its main hall — in Islamabad which possesses a religious and touristic value.

The president said that there is no enclosure for women in the main hall, while those who are unwell and the elderly have to climb stairs to approach the enclosure on the first floor as there is no elevator. Dr Alvi expressed his concerns regarding women facing restrictions resulting in their inability to offer prayers.

The president took the notice of a special report published by a private news channel which highlighted issues pertaining to women and others matters. Dr Alvi asserted that women should be allowed to pray in the main hall's enclosure and get the opportunity to visit it.

The Capital Development Authority said women were not permitted to enter the main hall as a policy of the Dawah Academy, Islamic University. President Alvi has also asked the mosque's administrator to discuss and brief him on the said issues.