On the red carpet we wear…

December 04, 2022

Instep rounds up some themes we spotted across the LSA red carpet this year, so you have a handy key to style this season.

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To be super real, was the red-carpet game at the Lux Style Awards this year strong? We would have to say no. The red-carpet game was okay, but that could be a cumulative impression rather than a judgment on individuals. Also, who are we, or anyone else, to judge anyone’s style? That said: please can we keep the shaadi bling off red-carpet events? Everyone’s done enough press tours and premieres and shoots and known enough stylists to know there are better ways to bring your A-game to an event.

And that said: we did spot some things crop up on this particular red-carpet more than others. Silvery-white seemed big, as did velvet, because, obviously, winter.

Take a look at the trends we identified and liked enough to list:

The all-black gang

Mehek Saeed is all angles and geometry in her outfit, while Ali Xeeshan and Frieha Altaf make black regal. We especially like how Frieha styles her ‘fit with a top knot and red lip. Dananeer gets an honorary space here because she’s sandwiched between all black and her dress has pockets.

White on white

Black always has its place, but white makes itself known beautifully as a formal. Maha Taherani, Aleena Naqvi, Kinza Hashmi and Fouzia Aman were gorgeous in glittering white.

Sari, not sari

Amar Khan in Elan, Nazish Jehangir in Hussain Rehar, and Waliya Najib in a fusion number remind us that saris can be stylish, minus maybe the accessories Nazish has opted for, which push her look into that dreaded Decemberistan/shaadi season territory.

Shiny, cozy people

Can’t go wrong with velvet in winter, people. Hussain Rehar is citrus-smart in his neon suit, while Yasser Dar is giving cold winter, slick style in his
silver ensemble.

Too avante-garde for you

Mushk Kaleem makes everything she wears look like couture, and Fahad Hussayn never shies away from making a statement, no matter how loud.


Can’t go wrong with something well-cut-and-tailored. We love that Alishay Adnan chose to wear the pants too!

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