Who’s the best man to head PCB?

May 29, 2022

Among the various people being considered for the coveted job, former Test cricketer Majid Khan appears to be the most suitable person

Who’s the best man to head PCB?

After the fall of Imran Khan's government, the question on every cricket lover's lips is: who will be the next Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board?

The names of Najam Sethi and Zaheer Abbas are being conjectured. These two are unsuitable candidates for the reasons detailed below.

As Chairman of the PCB, Sethi acted imprudently during the inaugural edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL). Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif were suspended on charges of match fixing. Instead of going through the process of investigation he allegedly made the following statement, "We knew that they would do something wrong but we waited to catch them red handed". If Sethi had prior knowledge of their intention he should have suspended them before appearing in the PSL. This was strange logic. An in-house investigation should have been carried out before going public which brought Pakistan cricket into disrepute.

Again Sethi made a public announcement that he had concluded an MOU with BCCI whereby the two teams would play six bilateral series till 2023. BCCI refused to honour the MOU because it was not a contractual agreement and as such had no legal binding. Nevertheless, the PCB went to court and reportedly/allegedly incurred a huge expenditure of Rs1.3 billion in fighting the case. The PCB lost the case and had to pay legal costs incurred by the BCCI. Sethi has political affiliation with a minimum knowledge of the game of cricket.

Sethi's hubris and his puny attempt to be considered a cricket statesman came at a very high price. A strong, professional, competent Board of Governors would have sought an explanation and asked him to resign. The same Sethi being chairman of PCB would conveniently write articles for his family publication "Friday Times" which was a conflict of interest.

Zaheer Abbas was a brilliant batsman dubbed the Asian Bradman but he has no administrative experience. Zaheer's record as Manager on foreign tours has been dismal. During the 3rd Test in 2006 against England, Zaheer failed to force Inzamam-ul-Haq to take the team into the field and the Test was forfeited in England's favour. In fact, it was said that he did not possess the MCC law booklet. He should have handled the situation more adroitly as he had faced a similar situation in a Test match against India when he was Pakistan captain.

In case either of these two candidates gets the nod from the Patron, it would not be in the best interest of Pakistan cricket.

The best and logical choice for the job is Majid Khan, a former Test cricket captain of Pakistan team and an ex Chief Executive of the board. He is a true ambassador of Pakistan in international cricket. He has a calm and composed personality and is a strict disciplinarian. After the 1999 world cup there were allegations of match fixing against Pakistan's players. Despite life threats, he took the matter to the Lahore High Court and the players were indicted and fined. Two individuals were banned for life.

Majid's appointment would be a breath of fresh air in the PCB. Incidentally despite being first cousins, Majid Khan is not on speaking terms with former PM Imran Khan.

A video is going viral on social media in which Punjab minister Rana Mashood has berated Ramiz Raja for not showing grace and quitting the post. Ramiz has been a mediocre cricketer and showing grace is a quality alien to him. In an interview he had stated that he would resign if the vote of no confidence against PM Imran Khan was successful. But he is shamelessly carrying on on the pretext that he has been asked to stay. Who has asked him to stay? The present government or Imran Khan? If the instruction has come from the former PM, then it is a clear indication that Imran Khan is indulging in unsavory politics in cricket. My advice to the former PM would be to refrain from such tactics as cricket is a game of gentlemen.

Who’s the best man to head PCB?