Romance in the vineyard

May 29, 2022

A Perfect Pairing is a newly released romantic comedy on Netflix starring Victoria Justice and Adam Demos

Romance in the vineyard


 Perfect Pairing is a classic rom-com where boy meets girl. Set against the backdrop of a vineyard, Lola Alvarez is played by Victoria Justice (a former Nickelodeon actress), who goes from LA to Australia with the goal of winning over an important client. Instead, she falls in love with the said client, Max, played by Adam Demos.

Lola Alvarez is the exemplary overachieving saleswoman who isn’t seeking romance but ends up falling in love anyway. She had put her love life on pause after getting divorced a few years ago. She had no intention of pursuing love, always using work as an excuse. After a cold-blooded betrayal by her best friend, she quits the company in a fit of rage and decides to look for her own client, provided she survives.

In order to make waves in the industry, she needs to land a major client quickly. This is where she gets the idea of trying to poach the big whale wanted by her previous employer – Vaughn Family Wines in Queensland, Australia.

After landing in Australia and getting her pitch rejected immediately, she makes another play. She decides to stay at the family’s vineyard to prove her worth. The job requires a lot of manual labour but Lola does not complain.

It is the portrayal of a modern career woman, who’s willing to go the extra mile for what she wants. Especially a fearless one who knows how to use her charm to win over people. Parallel to Lola, is Max, the good-looking station manager. He is a serious, brooding man, who seems quite stiff in the beginning of the film. However, sparks begin to fly as soon as he meets Lola.

Towards the beginning, he gets frustrated with training Lola about the winery. However, it’s obvious that he has a soft spot for her, especially when he saves her from some dangerous wildlife. His sceptical character soften as Lola’s bubbly personality brings out the best in him.

Even though this Netflix movie can come off as slightly empty, there are a good deal of awkward yet adorable moments between the lead characters. There’s a few funny moments as well, such as Lola’s attempt to communicate with sheep.

As with all love stories, there’s always a small villain at play. This time its businesswoman and CEO, Hazel Vaughn, played by Samantha Cain. Initially she advises Max against letting Lola stay. She continues to make moves against Lola throughout the story and frequently makes cynical comments towards her. Apart from Hazel giving her grief, Lola also has to deal with the vineyard crew playing pranks on her. However, Hazel eventually comes to admire her as she realises that Lola is not one to give up easily.

Even though this Netflix movie can come off as slightly empty, there are a good deal of awkward yet adorable moments between the lead characters. There are a few funny moments as well, such as Lola’s attempt to communicate with sheep. The gentle pace set against the backdrop of Australian wildlife and flora creates a dreamy atmosphere.

Lola’s relationship with Max is unfortunately one of the duller moments of the movie. It does not feel like there’s any natural chemistry between them. It is obvious that she is going to fall in love, but then she has to decide between staying in Australia and going back to Los Angeles. As the relationship progresses, Max and Lola fail to match each other’s energy.

Besides the fizzling chemistry between Lola and Max, some moments in the story can feel a bit forced. Although most rom-coms rely on clichés as plot devices, the ones in this movie feel shoehorned in. Furthermore, some romantic tension might have made the movie a lot easier to be invested in.

Predictably, the conflict arises at a very specific point. Hidden secrets about both main characters are revealed when they share their true feelings. What this movie lacks in romantic chemistry, it makes up for with life lessons. Max and Lola’s character development follows an expected but positive trajectory. For viewers looking to feel warm and fuzzy inside, this movie may just do the trick.

Even though A Perfect Pairing does not do anything groundbreaking, it is a decent movie for what it is. This Australia themed, small-town romantic comedy is definitely worth a watch for those looking for something light-hearted and easy to watch.

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Romance in the vineyard