Season of protests

PTI, PML-N stage protests in the UK

Season of protests

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) organised a protest in front of the residence of former Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

Another protest was organised under the auspices of the PML-N in front of the residence of Jemima Goldsmith situated in Ham Richmond. The protest was led by Zubair Gul, president of the Muslim League of Britain.

The PTI protest started from Hyde Park and was to end in front of the US embassy in London. However, the protesters ended up next to the Avenfield residence of PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif. Hundreds of PTI workers took part in the protest and chanted slogans. PTI UK president Rana Abdul Sattar, general secretary Muhammad Aslam Bhutta, Mian Waheedur Rehman, Sahibzada Jahangir and Anil Mussarat didn't participate in the protest.

Surprisingly, the protesters didn't chant any anti-American slogans. The activity appeared to be leaderless and most of the participants used insulting language against the Pakistani judiciary.

Addressing the participants, former PTI general secretary Rumi Malik said that there had been a conspiracy against the Imran Khan government. “This is a good opportunity for chairman Imran Khan to get rid of turncoats. He should trust the real workers, and take them with him,” said Malik.

Habib Mir, another local PTI leader, said that a conspiracy had been hatched against the PTI government. “We have concerns about our beloved motherland. We have come out for the country and not for Imran Khan. Protests are also on the rise in Pakistan under the leadership of Imran Khan. This should be an eye-opener for those in the power corridors,” he said.

The PTI protest started from Hyde Park and was to end in front of the US embassy in London. However, the protesters ended up next to Avenfield residence of PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif.

PML-N president Zubair Gul, Nasir Butt, Javed Zaki, Ejaz Gul and other leaders participated in a protest organised by the PML-N near the house of Jemima Goldsmith, a former wife of Imran Khan.

The protesters chanted slogans against former prime minister Imran Khan and the PTI. The participants carried various flags, placards and banners. A few PTI leaders were also present on the occasion, but no untoward incident took place. Addressing the participants, PML-N UK president Zubair Gul said that the way the PTI and its leaders had created hatred in Pakistan and abroad was dangerous for the society. He said that he did not wish to sound rude, but if the PTI did not stop insulting political opponents, the situation would not remain under anyone's control. “We were forced to stage a protest to teach the PTI a lesson.”

Nasir Butt and other leaders said that the PML-N will hold the PTI leaders accountable. The participants of the protest dispersed peacefully.

Jemima Goldsmith said in a tweet that she and her children had nothing to do with Pakistani politics. After the protest was announced, she expressed her anger and stated that she feared stalking and harassment.

A large contingent of police was present on the occasion to prevent any untoward incident. Representatives of international media, including the BBC, were also present to cover the PTI’s protest.

The writer is a correspondent for Geo News, daily Jang and The News in London

Season of protests