‘Pakistan can produce golf champions’

April 24, 2022

For years, golf coach Jamal Badshah has been working with dedication in the hope that the country will one day make its presence felt in the world of golf

‘Pakistan can produce golf champions’

Jamal Badshah is one of the most accomplished golf coaches in Pakistan. A former professional, Jamal is an internationally-certified coach and has extensive experience of coaching in Pakistan as well as in the United States and Turkey.

Having spent most of his years in Karachi, Jamal moved to Islamabad a few years back and has since run several successful coaching programmes there for golfers of all ages and skill levels. But his emphasis has always been on juniors. One of his former pupils, Omar Khalid created history last year when he became the youngest national amateur champion of Pakistan at age 16.

Soon after moving to Islamabad, Jamal took over as director of one of the biggest junior training programmes conducted under the supervision of the Federal Golf Association. The programme was attended by almost 80 boys and girls and was held at the Margalla Greens Golf Club. He was also at the helm of a ladies coaching programme which spanned for six months during which 30 female golfers received training. He conducts coaching clinics all over the country especially at the Royal Palm Golf Club in Lahore. He also gives free coaching to caddies or professionals, who are struggling in any area of the game.

This is his way of returning to the game which he says gave him everything.

"When I was very young, around ten years old, I used to have dreams of becoming a golfer. I began as a ball boy and then graduated to work as a caddy before becoming a touring professional. Today, with the grace of Allah, I'm an international coach, having coached extensively in Pakistan and USA," says Jamal.

"It has always been my dream to initiate full-fledged training programmes for juniors and underprivileged young caddies. It is going to be a long journey but we have to take baby steps without losing any more time. Pakistan is a country overflowing with sporting talent and golf is no exception. But unfortunately, over the years we have lost so many talented golfers because of a lack of interest from our golf authorities," he adds.

"But instead of ruing the past we need to look towards the future. We need to begin by establishing a juniors' golf tour on the pattern of the American tour which starts with four-year-olds who play inter-state and district golf events. It might sound difficult but with hard work anything is possible."

Jamal is willing to do the hard work. But he needs a lot of support. "Pakistan can make its presence felt in the world of golf but for that everybody involved with this sport here will have to work collectively and with dedication. With the right approach and hard work we can start producing golf champions."

‘Pakistan can produce golf champions’