Two to Tango! From Princess of Wales to the People’s Princess

November 21, 2021

Lady Diana, who died tragically in Paris in 1997 during a car accident as she was being chased by the Paparazzi, was never really forgotten. But right now the People's Princess has taken over the imagination of actors, writers and directors from television to film.

Two to Tango! From Princess of Wales  to the People’s Princess

Kristen Stewart in Spencer as the Princess of Wales

Remember Kristen Stewart from Twilight saga that generated millions of fans for its actors followed by a lull? That lull has left Stewart behind and she just may have found a role that will, in all probability, land her an Oscar nomination and a victory. The project in question is Spencer, directed and produced by Pablo Larrain. In the film that released this month, Kristen Stewart essays the Princess of Wales which centers on three pivotal days "in the early 1990s, roughly around 1992". The film will not depict the death of the late Diana but will show members of the royal family including the days when Diana decides to leave the royal family. It's more about her identity as she grew into adulthood. The performance by Stewart and mannerisms are strikingly similar to what we've seen in broadcast of the late Diana. Will this be the role that will fetch the 31-year-old Stewart an Oscar? Many critics think so.

Inside The Crown

The British limited TV series, The Crown, has won accolades since its inception. While the series shows the functioning of the Crown, "the efficient and the dignified", every two seasons the actors change. Claire Foy essayed Queen Elizabeth II when she ascended to the throne in the first two seasons with Olivia Coleman taking on the same role of Queen Elizabeth II as she matures into a seasoned monarch. The series swept award season in almost every acting category during its last season including the Emmys.

In the last season, we saw a young Diana - played by Emma Corrin - who meets and marries Prince Charles and learns about one Camilla Parker Bowles and her association with her husband.

But Lady Diana's real outing will be in the upcoming seasons (5 and 6) where another set of actors will take on the roles of the royals, with Elizabeth Debicki (The Night Manager) playing a slightly older Diana. This may well be the most controversial season since it will show the Crown up against a Princess who achieved celebrityhood when it didn't exist and her problematic marriage to Prince of Wales. Rumour has it that Debicki will join a league of extraordinary actors as she may very well win an award or two for her performance. Watch out!

Two to Tango! From Princess of Wales to the People’s Princess