Books that will change your life

October 24, 2021

We take our books at Instep very seriously, and love exploring writers who open our minds to new ideas and worlds. Here are four books that we found seminal to our development over the years:

Books that will change your life

Love Warrior

Glennon Doyle

We aren’t exactly fans of self-enrichment books, and Glennon Doyle’s style may not be our cup of tea, but hidden within the paragraphs of her life story, are little glimmers of inspiration that may help you feel a little bit braver. Perhaps more of a warrior.

Mommy blogger (can we retire this term already?), Serious church-goer and devoted wife and mother, Doyle finds herself struggling with her demons publicly and privately as she navigates substance abuse, eating disorders, and infidelity through the course of her life.

At some point though, she decides to just accept her lot in life and make something better with it.

Read this on and off throughout the year for bursts of inspiration as and when you need them.

Three Women

Lisa Taddeo

Books that will change your life

Lisa Taddeo spent eight years trailing and following the stories of three women across America, of diverse socio-economic backgrounds and ages. Each woman has a different story to tell, but if you are a woman, each story will drive a spike through your heart.

Whether it is Maggie, the student who allegedly has a relationship with her teacher, Lina, the suburban housewife, or Sloane, the suave restaurateur, you will find something of yourself in their stories.

While the book bases its crux on female desire and sexuality, it is actually a study in how women – at any age – process those desires emotionally and vice versa. Three Women will not speak the truth perhaps, but definitely bring you closer to it.


Tina Fey

Books that will change your life

“Some people say, “Never let them see you cry.” I say, if you're so mad you could just cry, then cry. It terrifies everyone.”

Tina Fey has built herself a career and then some, simply by being funny and tenacious. Bossypants doesn’t offer you a lot of insight into her life, nor is it a serious look at gender politics at the workplace, but it really offers a look at how to best navigate the workplace if you are a woman.

Plus, Tina Fey’s writing, whether printed or onscreen, is terrifically funny, so either way you get something out of just one read-through of this book.

You Were Born For This

Chani Nicholas

Guys, if you’re into astrology, you will love this book. If you hate astrology and think it’s utter horse feces, you might want to change your mind a little after you read it. When she writes about your specific planet placements, Nicholas points out things that leave you mystified at her knowledge of.

Chani Nicholas doesn’t just read the stars, she wants you to understand them and achieve ‘radical self-acceptance’.

Even if you don’t exactly want to invest in a book about astrology, just subscribe to Nicholas’ horoscopes and find some of the most uplifting words ever to start your week with, in your inbox, every Sunday (and every time there’s major planetary motion). 

Books that will change your life

Books that will change your life