Sunny Khan Durrani talks about the success of ‘La Haasil’

October 24, 2021

Since a sharp breakthrough after being part of Patari Aslis Volume 02 with the track ‘Log Kya Kahenge’, the Rap/Hip-Hop artist Sunny Khan Durrani (SKD) is headed for new milestones

Sunny Khan Durrani talks about the success of ‘La Haasil’

Since a sharp breakthrough after being part of Patari Aslis Volume 02 with the track ‘Log Kya Kahenge’, the Rap/Hip-Hop artist Sunny Khan Durrani (SKD) is headed for new milestones. Born and raised in Peshawar, he continues to shine as a diamond in the rough. With multiple albums and music videos, his greatest USP is that he can rap in English, Urdu, Punjabi and Pashto with poetic lyricism based often on his surroundings.

SKD has scored many hits on YouTube with his brand of melancholic moody rap and among those hits is a track called ‘La Haasil’, which was first released in the summer of 2020.

SKD has been dropping singles in 2021 after albums such as Khabbarnaama (2018), Aetizaaz (2020) and The Butterfly Effect (2020) while ‘La Haasil’, an extension of the song ‘Haasil’ has surpassed 2 million views on YouTube alone. To feel the visceral power of the song, you must lend it an ear.

When Instep reached out to Sunny about this enormous success of this dark, provoking song, he explained what it means to his fans even as interpretations continue to evolve. Speaking to Instep over the phone, SKD said that for him the song was about deep self-expression and a way of healing which ultimately became the same for listeners. “I was at my lowest when I decided to write this track and I had no idea this song would go so far and it would build such a connection with people. I was literally crying when I wrote it and during recording that can be heard at certain points.”

SKD reiterated that he never expected the song to become such a huge hit in terms of statistics. “When I released it, people started messaging me and (it’s been a year and half year since it released) they would tell me their stories; the messages never stopped.”

Several moving and personal messages with fans became a by-product admits SKD. As for the future, SKD has been releasing new music in form of singles. All you have to do is head to YouTube and find SKD’s intimate expression in the form of rap in multiple languages.

Aziz Kazi on LSA nod and future plans

Sunny Khan Durrani talks about the success of ‘La Haasil’

In what was perhaps the most genuine and surprising win was that of Aziz Kazi for his debut EP Shantaram – released by A for Aleph Records. Since it’s based on jury vote, it says a great deal about the eclectic taste of the jury but it also means a great deal for Aziz who was simply happy being nominated in the first place. And he was not expecting to win at all.

Amidst the hustle bustle that included hybrid technology based show for the first time during the Geo Lux Style Awards 2021, Kazi admitted that he was surprised by the nomination alone.

“I was not expecting this at all. It’s a pure album and very experimental,” said the percussion specialist. “Being on a platform like the Lux Style Awards (LSAs) helps,” he admitted. “It’s definitely motivated me to do more. Getting the publicity is not bad in getting work and stuff.”

Kazi added, “I’ve released two more tracks as well. After the album, I’ve been recording with other artists as well such as Irfan Ali Taj and Shahab Hussain’s album.”

Like most working musicians, Aziz admitted that the Covid-19 situation did hit the industry hard. “Artists have resorted to studio work mostly. People are realising what other stuff they can do.”

He pointed out that film and TV is a place where musicians can thrive because there is a lot of space. “There is the original soundtrack (OST) and songs for dramas as well. Maybe we could head in that direction or they could change and some experimental music happening begins.”

Aziz Kazi is not an entirely unknown name. Apart from his solo record, Shantaram, he has worked with the likes of Cosmic Fluid, Chand Tara Orchestra and the country’s most controversial and anticipated music TV and now digital series Coke Studio on multiple occasions as a house-band member.

Abbas Ali Khan talks about LSA nod

Sunny Khan Durrani talks about the success of ‘La Haasil’

Abbas Ali Khan, singer and music powerhouse, nominated for the song ‘Mein Yeh Janoun’ in two categories at the recently concluded Geo Lux Style Awards 2021 won for the former. Singer of the Year is a viewer’s choice category which means he won because of public appreciation. During a pre-win conversation with Instep, Abbas Ali Khan confessed that he wasn’t expecting the nominations (and consequent victory).

“I have been releasing songs; this was a relatively humble music video and song. It wasn’t a big video; it was made in a studio. But I’m happy.”

He noted that being recognized for your work is encouraging for any award for that matter. “LSAs is obviously one of the biggest platforms and I have been nominated before but never got an award.”

When asked if he had a speech prepared if he won, Abbas laughingly admitted that he always has a speech prepared. In the present, Abbas noted that he’s been working on production work for telefilms and TV series in addition to working on his singles, which should release sooner than later. Abbas Ali Khan’s music credentials speak for themselves. He is known for the memorable record Sun Re and breakthrough single, ‘Malal’ among his solo releases. Abbas Ali Khan has also appeared on Coke Studio. 

Sunny Khan Durrani talks about the success of ‘La Haasil’