Be a screen queen!

September 5, 2021

Wondering how to look amazing throughout the week and the weekend? Stop worrying about it and just take a cue from these iconic looks.

Be a screen queen!

Soft & Feminine

Okay, we love, love, love Deepika Padukone’s entire look and persona in her debut, Om Shanti Om. She embodies this lovely femininity that is just so sweet. And how Shanti Priya glows throughout the film! No wonder Om falls in love with her so hard.

The standout features of this look are her beautiful, winged eyeliner, soft, glossy lips, and subtle highlights on the cheeks.

Simply invest in a darkly-pigmented eyeliner that doesn’t flake or bleed, mascara with a comb wand to keep the lashes soft and fluttery, and a clear lipgloss. On days you want to amp it up, make sure you have a soft gold cream or powder blush to daub on cheek, browbones, and sweep across the lids.

Dark & academic

Be a screen queen!

We’re obsessed with Gwenyth Paltrow as Margot Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums. Everything from her supremely controlled hairstyle to that eyeliner and her lip color is peak turn-of-the-century style, and boy, has it got layers!

Somehow Margot Tenenbaum pulls off the barrette-slicked hair without looking childish, and TBH, that is a style that would work for anyone growing out bangs, baby hairs, or that kinda day when you just didn’t have time to wash your hair.

Next up, that eyeliner. Now, any Pakistani beauty will tell you, we wore the kajal first. And whether you love or hate it, dark-rimmed eyes actually somehow just pull together any look. It’s like an exotic mystery from the East.

Finally, we live for the soft raisin shades that ruled the mid-90s to early-00s. Guys, you have to invest in a lip color that is orange hued and leans towards brown. Goes with every skin tone and any color palette.

Carefree & wild

Be a screen queen!

The only hair advice anyone needs to take seriously, ever, is this: comb hair through with a wide-toothed comb while you have conditioner on and finger-comb it out. Blot with or wrap in an old t-shirt, and then air-dry for carefree yet groomed-just-enough curls and waves!

The screen queen we took the only-comb-in-the-shower hack from is Pooja Bhatt in 1992, and we believe she knows what she’s talking about because her hair always looked great.

Blue-eyed & determined

Be a screen queen!

Princess Diana famously wore blue eyeliner on days when she was bummed. While Lady Di and Emma Corrin have blue eyes and the blue makeup simply makes them pop, brown and blue fall on the opposite ends of the color wheel, and therefore blue makeup will definitely bring them out.

Try navy liner for a dramatic look, and teal for a softer effect. 

Be a screen queen!