“Being skinny has never been my goal.”

July 11, 2021

Actress Yashma Gill shares her fitness regime and how she manages to stay fit despite her busy routine.

Yashma Gill advocates being healthy above all. Her advice can be summed up in the following philosophy: eat well, move frequently, nurture your inner self
Yashma Gill advocates being healthy above all. Her advice can be summed up in the following philosophy: eat well, move frequently, nurture your inner self

Actress Yashma Gill began her acting career with drama serial Meri Saheli Meri Bhabhi in 2016. Since then, she has essayed various characters that have made her a household name. Some of her notable drama serials include Ki Jaana Main Kaun, Qurban, Ghar Titli Ka Par, Mujhe Khuda Pay Yaqeen Hai, Alif and Pyar Ke Sadqay, among others.

Currently, she is appearing in ongoing dramas Phaans and Azmaish. In the former, she portrays the role of Hafsa, sister of one of the key characters who is guilty of sexual assault. While in Azmaish she plays an antagonist who is always scheming against her step sister, played by Kinza Hashmi. Yashma has surely proved her mettle as a versatile actress and is receiving rave reviews for her brilliant performance in both drama serials.

We caught up with Yashma Gill, who launched her YouTube channel in 2019, to learn more about her health routine and fitness goals.

Healthy choices

Talking about her lifestyle choices, the actress says that she is a health freak to some extent.

“To maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially with the line of work I am in, it is important to be a health freak. This includes having a personal trainer, a proper meal plan, and eating right in general,” shares Yashma.

As far as her fitness goals are concerned, she reveals that strength and overall fitness have always been her goals. “To be honest, being skinny has never been my goal. What we don’t understand is that everyone’s metabolism is different from others; hence it is important to cater to your metabolic system accordingly.

“To maintain strength and fitness requires you to hit the gym frequently and commit to it. Following a diet plan also helps in achieving this goal,” she adds.

Yashma keeps herself motivated for a healthy lifestyle by either working out or eating healthy when she doesn’t get the time to exercise.

Sleeping pattern

Yashma believes that 6 to 7 hours of sleep are essential to stay healthy. “However, I am the type of person who can function on sleep ranging from three to 12 hours. There is no set duration for me, I just need someone to wake me up.”

She continues, “having said that, it is not healthy to follow this kind of sleeping pattern. Occasionally it is fine but lack of sleep or too much of it can negatively impact your health.”

Eating preferences

Regarding her eating preferences, Yashma shares that she opts for three basic meals a day and occasionally consumes shakes in between. “When it comes to shakes, I go for healthy Greeno shakes - my favourite being Day Delight. Apart from that, to satisfy my sweet cravings, I indulge in desserts at times as well. Because I’m usually working, I don’t think about food that much and follow my regime quite religiously,” she explains, adding that protein, especially chicken, is one nutrient that dominates her diet.

Workout routine

The Azmaish actress tries to work out with her trainer at the gym at least four times a week. “My personal trainer tailors my routine to my physical needs, especially after I tore my knee tissue. So, all my workouts are catered accordingly, to rehabilitate my knee,” she says.

Speaking of the type of exercises she favors, Yashma shares that she mostly does weight training. She uses different equipment as well, but that depends on which body part she will work on that specific day.

Importance of mental health

Yashma is a big advocate of keeping your mental health in check and making it a priority. She shares, “I cannot go on with my day or work if my mental health is being affected by something or someone. I make sure to do things that make me calm, peaceful and don’t have any detrimental effects on my mental health. I try to talk things out with my family members, friends and if sometimes things are beyond me or out of my control, I talk to a professional. Seeking help is essential, and I definitely encourage it.”

Tips to follow

The actress believes that a healthy lifestyle is crucial for your mental and physical health. According to Yashma Gill, some tips that can lead to a healthy life include waking up early in the morning and eating the right food. “When you are consuming healthy food, it will make you feel good about yourself even if you’re not exercising.” She furthers, “Doing things that give you happiness and inculcate a sense of calm can play a major role in motivating you to work out. If you want to stay fit, my only advice is to exercise. Any kind of physical activity would do the trick. You can go to the gym, walk in the park or indulge in any athletic activity.”

On a parting note, Yashma shares that one health tip she swears by is going to the gym regularly. “I swear by gyms. I am a gym freak. Going to the gym and gradually increasing the weights I lift is something that helps me keep focus and stay motivated,” she concludes.

“Being skinny has never been my goal.”