STYLE STATION! The science of summer scarves

June 27, 2021

Fabrics become lighter and silhouettes become airier as the heat peaks, and the scarf is a useful weapon in the summer style arsenal.

Ayeza Khan wears a light and airy scarf/dupatta as a bandana

Scarves can make for an incredibly stylish accessory that add to any outfit – Eastern or Western – and protect from heat and dust. It’s a multipurpose tool that’ll allow you oodles of style too. Just get the basics right and get ready to rock the stylish summer scarf!

Pick a summery palette

For summer scarves we recommend a softer colour palette of calm, soothing shades. Some of these include tones of blue, dusky pinks and lavenders as well as olive green. These colours are easy to match and can be worn in contrasting combinations with several other colours. We’d recommend you avoid both white and black scarves as they are mostly considered occasion specific and not so much style specific. Needless to say, opt for solid colours to wear with printed tunics and printed scarves to perk up solid tunics. Only the super confident would be able to mix and match both styles.

Kiran Malik can be seen in a scarf worn over the shoulders, belted for extra oomph

Choose pure, breezy fabrics

Your summer scarf will ideally be spun in a light, breathable fabric. Cotton scarves are perfect for daytime. Natural fabrics like rayon, linen or a blend of either with cotton will keep the skin cool. Chiffon too is flowy and looks delicate, lending an interesting textural contrast to your outfit. You will obviously avoid anything that blocks the breeze or adds unwanted insulation to your outfit.

How to wear your scarf this summer

Wearing the bandana to perfection,Zara Peerzada

Bandana: Tie a small, square scarf around the head like a hairband with either a neat front-facing bow or a back-knot and score major style points! This style helps keep the head cool, keeps your hair out of the way and is a fun way to experiment with headgear.

Neckerchief: Use a small square scarf to make a knot around the neck. A neckerchief can double up as both a necklace and a scarf. It is best worn in prints that pop over plain outfits.

Over-the-shoulder: Experiment with different styles over your shoulder to add much-needed flow and glow to your outfit. You can even wrap the ends around your arms as a playful accessory for sleeveless tops, or tops with shorter sleeves.

Influencer and blogger Alina Fahad (That Karachi Girl) wearing the headscarf with some added pizzaz

The vest: Fold your scarf into a loop and tuck the ends into a belt to give your scarf a vested look. This style goes well over jeans and fitted, full-sleeved tops.

The mask: This style is pretty handy for those riding two wheelers, using public transport or working out in the summer sun. With Covid still in the air, this style saves you the effort of wearing a cap, or an additional mask and protects you from the sun and dust. Pair it with sunglasses and you’ll be well-protected from the heatwave.

Bandana Tiwari in a bandana that says Feminist: A person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes

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STYLE STATION! The science of summer scarves