High end home decor

June 13, 2021

The right accessories and furniture can transform a room, adding warmth and personality. With home decor it’s always more special when the pieces you collect are one of a kind or exclusive. Here’s a selection of four such home-grown brands that can help you find those conversation starter pieces, without having to travel miles, to spruce up your homes that truly reflect your style.


A very successful brand to come out of Peshawar, one that made its name by upholding and furthering the ancient art of Pietra dura (marble stone inlay) in Pakistan. Initially started by Farhana Asad approximately 20 years ago, her daughter Meherunissa Asad has taken the reigns as Creative Director since graduating from Pratt Institute Graduate School of Digital Art. Lel employs a team of masterful artisans from the surrounding area and artisans who have been displaced by conflict in neighbouring Afghanistan. The studio works hard to preserve, reinterpret and evolve marble inlay while drawing upon a wide range of inspiration making tables, cabinets, boxes, platters and a lot more! Lel pieces are true works of art and have been covered by many international publications including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and The Guardian. https://studio-lel.com/

House of Cali

Cyra Ali conceives and creates hand embroidered cushions that add serious oomph to your space. The cushions are all hand-made drawing inspiration from some of the most well-known paintings in the world (from the Sadequains to the Van Goghs). The canvas used for the hand embroidery ranges from cotton, silk and suede on the front with varying textures used for the back of the cushions. It’s no easy feat to translate such great works on to cushions but Ali does it with aplomb. https://houseofcali.com/


Jehan is a fashion and home brand by Zara Shahjahan’s house of design. This offshoot was born out of a desire to be more sustainable and steer away from the whims of trend-driven production. It is an attempt to slow down and go back to more traditional ways that respect the planet. Their designs embody traditional crafts like cane work, woodwork and marble designs while embodying a minimal, simple and modern sensibility. The pieces also come in a certain number, get sold out fast and sometimes don’t get restocked. That’s what makes them especially desirable. https://jehanofficial.ae/

Tempest Lab

Truly a Lahore gem, underrated and probably known in only some circles – Angie’s Tempest Lab - is a treasure trove. It was started by the Spanish, Angie Rashid who’s been settled in Pakistan for almost two decades now. Her pieces are unique in their inspiration with fabric sourced from Spain and mother of pearl inlay onto quality of wood that can only be considered the best. They are truly unique pieces and no one will ever have two of the same. The best designs by far are the lamps for how they truly change the vibe of a room. Rashid’s studio is open to people on invitation.


High end home decor