Online therapy: Radhi Devlukia Shetty

May 30, 2021

Buy some time for meditation, peace and positivity.

Radhi Devlukia-Shetty’s YouTube channel is all about Ayurvedic knowledge on how to enrich your life with positivity and peace.

Over the course of the last one year, in particular, we’ve all turned to the internet for information, entertainment and in many ways, gratification. With limitations on who we meet and where we go, the World Wide Web has become the safest place to explore and in the process, we have inadvertently stumbled upon people, pages and sites that have added value to our lives. Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, who has a YouTube channel by the name of Radhi Devlukia, is one such person who’s become a go-to for serenity.

Married to motivational speaker Jay Shetty (you may want to follow him too), Radhi has – through her social media influence – created a world with Ayurvedic knowledge on how to enrich your life with positivity and peace. It really is the only thing we’re constantly in quest of as the world around us becomes increasingly frantic and chaotic. And that’s why her page is so relevant.

Her videos are simple; mostly under ten-minutes long, and they instruct on some of the most basic things in life, like the correct way to drink water, what to do to avoid bloating (a recurring problem for most women), how to meditate properly etc. She’ll throw in healthy recipes and food videos, exercise instructional sessions and basically everything needed to help you detox the mind, body and soul of negativity and toxicity.

Her story will resonate with a lot of people too. Radhi, in various interviews over the years, has shared that she had no self-confidence as a child as she was bullied for being chubby. It hurt that she was valued mostly for her appearance. “You end up seeing people around you and the girls around you and the type of people that end up getting liked or disliked. And you realize that has a lot to do with your physical form. I was either bullied about it or left out of things because of it,” she told Women of Impact.

She regained her confidence through meditation, through which she also found a love for serving people.

“What is life without service? That’s the best thing I learned in this Vedic culture and on this path, is that everything is about service and we get so much joy from serving other people than we do in taking. Whatever we can do to facilitate us being the best versions of ourselves is such a beautiful practice and meditation to keep throughout your life,” she said in an interview with Coco Eco Magazine.

You can subscribe to Radhi’s channel or follow her on Instagram for a daily dose of positive energy. It begins with her bright smile and continues through valuable life lessons of living better.

Online therapy: Radhi Devlukia Shetty