Debut actors to watch out for

May 16, 2021

Lots of new faces have made a riveting entry on TV this year, which hints that the country’s entertainment industry is steadily growing.

One thing that never stopped, even after multiple waves of Covid-19, was the influx of drama serials on our TV screens. That being said, makers and producers have actively tried to turn to new faces when it comes to casting and many talented artists have made their debut on television through these primetime dramas.

Here are a few debut actors to keep a special eye out for:

Hadiqa Kiani

After reigning Pakistan’s music industry as the queen of pop, Hadiqa Kiani made her intriguing debut as Sakina in drama serial Raqeeb Se, which has been poignantly scripted by Bee Gul and directed by Kashif Nisar. Her sensitive performance, which has wowed viewers and fans alike, is replete with evocative emotions. Often having her face covered and eyes lowered, Kiani manages to express and emote effectively with immense subtlety just through variations in her voice, given her dedicated career in music and singing, which has spanned almost three decades. Kiani prepared for her role by studying the script well before the play went into production and began wearing simple shalwar kameezes (like her character) months before shooting, to get into the skin of her character. We hope she continues her journey in acting.

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY)

After establishing himself in the world of fashion and on TV as popular show host, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) has made a spectacular bang with his character Akram in Pehli Si Mohabbat. In the play, which has been written by Faiza Iftikhar and directed by Anjum Shahzad, HSY revealed that he was apprehensive about doing a character polar opposite to his personality but was ultimately convinced to take on this challenge. He took intensive Master Classes in acting and special diction classes in Urdu to get into the skin of his character. All his hard work seems to have paid off because when you watch his performance on screen as the orthodox, domineering and egoistic Akram, you tend to forget how he is in real life.

Aymen Saleem

Currently wooing audiences with her gullible and hopeless romanticism is Aymen Saleem as Ramisha, a.k.a. Mishi in Chupke Chupke. The play, which has been written by Saima Akram Chaudhry and directed by Danish Nawaz, has gripped a huge loyal following as one of the daily favorite go-to Ramzan TV serials this year. Saleem’s character is hopelessly in love with her cousin (Arsalan Naseer) and tries every trick in the book of old-school romance to get her cousin Haadi to see her in a different light. Her innocently persistent and bespectacled character has woven a new meaning into childhood love. A Wharton graduate, Saleem is a very welcome addition to Pakistan’s pool of female actors.

Arsalan Naseer

Also marking his much anticipated debut in the ensemble Ramzan rom-com Chupke Chupke is Arsalan Naseer of Comics By Arsalaan (CBA) fame. His comic timing, intonation and remarkable ability to effortlessly slide from humorous sarcasm to seriousness is evident on screen. Saima Akram Chaudhry, the writer of Chupke Chupke revealed that Naseer had aptly improvised some of his scenes which have added to the hilariousness of the script. We hope to see this talented lad playing diverse roles in dramas both humorous and serious.

Daniyal Zafar

Taana Baana marks the much anticipated debut of Daniyal Zafar as Zain opposite Alizeh Shah (Zoya). Written by Hassaan Imam and directed by Safie Hassan, the drama is packed with an interesting ensemble cast and yet Zafar has managed to shine as Zain, the adorably doting husband who will do anything to keep his wife happy. Taana Baana is a youthful, light hearted romantic comedy which is centered around the trials and tribulations followed by a hastily arranged marriage between Zain and Zoya followed by sour and sweet revelations which unfold one by one after they have tied the knot. Zafar who is a talented musician, singer and songwriter is often seen playing the guitar in character as Zain on screen. He also seems to have curated a fabulously chic wardrobe for himself which suits his character’s mood and situation in the story. Zafar will next be seen in the much anticipated Mahira Khan debut production, Barwaan Khiladi, which is a coming of age story centered around the motif of cricket and will be released on a local OTT platform called Tapmad.

Hamza Sohail

After a brief internship at Big Bang Entertainment, Hamza Sohail has made a much noticeable debut in Raqeeb Se and his role is being appreciated among viewers and critics alike. His character Abdul often leaves us guessing which side of the road his car is parked on and we’re left wondering what his character’s real intention is, as he deftly maneuvers every argument with his fiance, Insha, played by Faryal Mehmood. His possessive character definitely has a lot of hidden layers and we’re eager to see Abdul’s journey. Kudos to Hamza Sohail for effectively portraying all shades of grey right in his debut role!

– Afreen Seher is a creative writer and a Digital Media professional with special interests in Film, TV and Pop culture. She can be reached at [email protected]

Debut actors to watch out for