Celebrating a socially distant Eid

May 9, 2021

Well-known stylist Nabila shares some beauty looks that will keep you on-trend this Eid.

Eid is just a few days away and with the third wave of Covid-19 taking over our lives, this will be the second year when we’ll celebrate this festive occasion in lockdown. Staying home for the Eid holidays, however, doesn’t mean that we stop looking for ways to dress up and follow the latest hair and makeup trends. After all, we all want to look our best even if we have nowhere to go.

We got in touch with award-winning image consultant and stylist Nabila to know how we could achieve that perfect beauty look and be on-trend this Eid…

Add some colour to your cheeks

Speaking of blush-ons and lip colours, Nabila reveals, “You have to keep in mind that the blush and lip colour should complement your face, not the occasion.” She continues, “This scorching season stay away from powder blush-ons as they can make your face look matte and artificial. However, you can’t go wrong with a creamy blush in dusty pinks and a similar lip colour from my ZERO makeup creme palette.”

Makeup looks to go for

According to the beauty expert, just like last year, the emphasis should be more on fresh, well-cared for skin rather than putting on layers of makeup.

“As far as makeup is concerned, light, dewy foundation with bushy eyebrows, glossy eyelids and loads of mascara would be perfect for a summer Eid,” says Nabila. “However, if you want to experiment and keep all the focus on your eyes you can definitely go for some quirky eyeliner,” she adds.

Hair matters

How you style your hair can make all the difference. On what kind of hairstyles girls should opt for this season, Nabila informs, “It is quite difficult to manage long hair and keeping summers in mind, it’s the best time to get a shorter haircut. Whatever short means to you, I would advise you to go for it.”

As far as this season’s popular hair colours are concerned, the image consultant explains, “These days, hair colours are ranging from glossy natural one-tones, to subtle hues of brown on brown, to very bold balayage, to pastel hair shades. To put it in simpler words, when it comes to hair colour, anything works. It all depends how you carry that particular look.”

Hottest trend:
hair accessories

“Snap clips, bobby pins, barrettes are quite popular these days and are great for styling your hair this Eid,” shares Nabila. “Use barrettes in creative ways to keep your hair down. These clips are quite affordable and can add oomph to your hairstyle. All you have to do is use your imagination and have fun with them.”

Let your hands do
to the talking

Talking about nail trends that are really popular these days, Nabila
reveals, “After witnessing elaborate nail art as well as gel nails and acrylic nails for so long, these days I am all for minimal nail art. Not only that, I would highly recommend applying mehndi (henna) and giving the traditional Eid ritual a modern twist.”

On a parting note she stresses, “More than anything else, this Eid requires you to stay safe and isolated. Sending virtual love to all!”

Celebrating a socially distant Eid