Here’s how to make the most of Eid at home

May 9, 2021

Being homebound doesn’t mean that celebrations have to completely stop.Stay home, but let your imagination go for a quick spin.

Now that everyone’s going to home-bound, why not take a page out of AZ’s book and let the men in the kitchen?

Another Eid, another lockdown. There’s still not much we can do but bow down to the gravity of the situation and spend yet another festive holiday confined within our homes. But hey, don’t fret! There’s tons that we can do at home, and being homebound definitely doesn’t mean that celebrations have to stop. From cooking up some excitement, dressing up and connecting with family and friends digitally, there are ways of making the most of the situation.

Amp up those lights

Whether you’re in an apartment or a palatial home, pinpoint your most-cherished nook of the house and light it up! From going desi with a diya or making it look serene with candles, you can make even the dreariest of spaces shine with the right lighting. Now’s the time to find that spark.

Cook up a storm

Eid equates to a treasure trove of traditional food and we love indulging in the dairy delights of kheer and sheer khorma. But maybe now is a good time to deviate from the obvious and indulge in a little experimentation. Take your culinary capacity to the next level. You’ve done desi all those years; why not surf the internet and find some unique dishes to make this time around.

Netflix and chill

It’s not what you think! We really mean putting Netflix to the task and checking out some new dramas to watch or perhaps crank up an old classic! With tons of Hollywood, Bollywood and Pakistani choices readily available on the platform, we wouldn’t say no sitting with the family, getting those jalebis and popcorn, and watching Zindagi Gulzar Hai!

Dress up – sass up

Just because you aren’t meeting a million relatives doesn’t mean you still can’t fancy it up with your best ensembles! Almost every brand we know in Pakistan has released an Eid-Festive Collection and you know you deserve to buy it and look your best! From Khaadi and Generation to Elan everyone has got your back this Eid so you can look a million bucks for much less.

Use technology to your advantage

We know how difficult it could be to not meet your loved ones this Eid, but that doesn’t mean you actually can’t. If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that technology is our friend. Connect with your family, that friend you’ve been meaning to call for days, or just that sibling who lives abroad and feel wholesome with those you love being around you, virtually.

Play that music

Few things in life are as uplifting as good music. So listen to your favourite classics like Ahmed Rushdie and Lata Mangeshkar or get in that contemporary mode with the latest hits from Ariana Grande. Have family sing-a-longs if you can!

Iqra Aziz aces the home-glam look

Pamper yourself

You’ve had a tough year and you deserve to let yourself breathe. Invest in some brilliant beauty products available in the market, such as face masks, scrubs, exfoliators and face polishes; thank yourself for getting that spa-like treatment done at home. Put on your comfiest of clothes, play that soothing music and just let yourself feel one with serenity.

Game night

Remember the good old times with Ludo and Monopoly? Why not bring the magic of board games back this Eid! Dust out those board games, plug in that PlayStation or simply play the tons of desi games we’ve grown up on to make Eid an affair that is full-on entertaining and all about family time! Trust us, it is a forgotten tradition worth its salt!

Here’s how to make the most of Eid at home