Models of the Moment, Men

Last week we looked into Pakistan’s glamorous pool of trending top female models, and this week we extend the same honour to male models of the moment.

Aimal Khan

You’d be forgiven for mistaking fashion’s blue-eyed boy, Aimal Khan for being Hrithik Roshan’s twin brother but this tall Pathan from Peshawer does bring the coolest vibes to the catwalk. He’s been around for almost a decade and is everyone’s favourite for good reason. Aimal may not be too experimental when it comes to fashion, but he’s a solid contender for brands looking for suitable boys for their campaigns.

Hasnain Lehri

One of the most prolific faces in fashion today, Hasnain Lehri carries his Baloch genes well into any look created for him. He’s one of those rare faces that work just as well in bespoke suiting, as he does in ornate traditional wear. Put him in a top hat or turban, Hasnain carries each look with ease and it’s no surprise that he’s every fashion brand’s top choice. The fact that he is poised, soft spoken and professional also gives him added advantage.

Walid Siddiqui

Tall and sporty, this US import stands at almost 6’4” and therefore stands out on the runway as well as in static and moving visuals. Newest on this list, he is the most fashion forward new face around and has made it to the top league in a very short period of time. He’s worked with almost all major brands as well as design houses and is on everyone’s most wanted list.

Munsif Ali Khan

Relatively new to the pool, Munsif is also a brand favourite. This Pathan from Lahore stands at over 6’2” and makes clothes look good, which is why he’s
become a style staple.
A heartthrob who has gone on to be a campaign favourite too, Munsif has seen a healthy rise in the industry thanks to those dapper looks and right attitude!

Models of the Moment, Men