Models of the Moment

April 25, 2021

Fashion may have taken a backseat in 2020 but it is blazing its way back to form in 2021. While fashion weeks are still on hold,fashion shoots and summer campaigns are speeding their way through summer, throwing new faces into the limelight. For this week’s Four on Fire we have four models of the moment, two established names and two from the roster of rising stars.

Fahmeen Ansari

Green eyed and gorgeous, Fahmeen Ansari is every photographer’s dream girl. As fluid on the
fashion runway as she is in campaigns, she is one of the most versatile faces in the country. Cast her in futuristic, fast fashion or place her in classic, traditional opulence, Fahmeen is a shape shifter that clicks everywhere. Thoroughly professional with a great attitude, it’s no wonder that she’s on every designer’s wish list.

Mushk Kaleem

With endless legs that give her the height and poise most people can only dream of, Mushk is the latest name on the supermodel orbit. Face of numerous brands, her claim to fame would be walking for Pakistan at Milan Fashion Week, returning with the kind of
experience most models can only dream of. She’s earned her awards and continues to trailblaze her way on runways and through high profile campaigns.

Nimra Jacob

This US import settled in Karachi and found prominence in fashion because of her dusky skin tone and riotous curls. In an industry that thrives on the fair skin, straight hair stereotype, Nimra has managed to settle into a niche created by models like Amna Ilyas and Zara Abid. She’s rising in the ranks, becoming a prolific and coveted face for brands looking for inclusivity and diversity.

Maha Tahiriani

Youngest on this list, Maha Tahiriani took to fashion shoots and shows at the same time, finding confidence in the fact that the camera loved her sultry look and big brands loved her skin tone. Most prominently seen in Sana Safinaz and then Elan campaigns, Maha has emerged as one of fashion’s most relatable faces, a model who has to be on everyone’s list. 

Models of the Moment