Style Sirens

April 11, 2021

You may see every other actor, male and female, endorsing various fashion brands all over social media, but it’s just a handful who actually have an inbuilt sense of style. These are style icons that know how to put a look together, whether it’s traditional or western, classic or contemporary, casual or red carpet haute! I’ll call them Style Sirens, because they dress the part on-screen as well as off screen.

Note: Mahira Khan would be number one on this list but then Mahira’s likeliest to be number one on most lists so she’ll get an honorary mention as Screen Siren forever while someone else gets a proud mention to sit in her slot.

Ayesha Omar

Her TV persona may be dominated by the character Khoobsurat in hit sitcom Bulbulay, but Ayesha has a mad fandom that follows her for her sense of style. Super health conscious, this style siren – who’s just recently launched her own brand of organic beauty products – gets the look right every time she steps out. Whether she’s dressed in a white cotton sundress for the launch of Ayesha O Beauty or sequined up for the Lux Style Awards, Ayesha brings life to any red carpet she steps on.

Top Looks: casual western and red carpet glamour

Nausheen Shah

Currently in the picture as Ishrat, Akram’s sensible wife in Pehli Si Muhabbat, Nausheen Shah is a bona fide style siren. She started her career as a model and has come full circle by recently starting a fashion brand of her own. Her characters may not allow her much style onscreen, but Nausheen Shah’s social media validates an enviable personal style sense that one can only be gifted to have. She has a fantastic colour sense as well as a killer instinct for how to mix things up.

Top Looks: western and androgynous

Sohai Ali Abro

She doesn’t come across as someone too particular about fashion, which is precisely what makes Sohai the style siren that she is. Whether she’s dressed for a red carpet or for an appearance on a game show, Sohai has natural flair. She’s not too indulgent or adventurous with her personal style but this star of Motorcyle Girl, who recently made for one of the most beautiful brides we’ve ever seen, always manages to look petite perfect and effortless.

Top Looks: fusion, with an extra focus on heels

Sonya Hussyn

The fact that she’s been compared to a Miss World winner doesn’t bother her anymore as Sonya Hussyn has managed to build a very solid identity of her own. Actor par excellence, she’s also someone blessed with a face that could launch a thousand ships and a dress sense that can make anything look good. She’s adventurous as well as experimental in her style choices; she also brings a bit of her sass to screen, as we saw in drama serial, Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida.

Top Looks: Saris and contemporary ethnic wear

Style Sirens