Online Therapy: That Guy Arif

March 21, 2021

When is a burger more than a ‘burger’? When you drop the air quotes and invest in a carefully created beef patty that sends your tastebuds to foodie heaven

Why order burger patties when you can order gourmet level burgers? The answer to that is the self-satisfaction of prepping and dressing your burger exactly the way you want.

To call someone ‘a burger’ isn’t exactly a compliment but you should take it with pride when you’re chalked up on speed dials as one of the best burger patty provider in town. I’m talking about ‘That Guy Arif’, which is exactly the name and brand he goes by on Instagram. Why order burger patties when you can order gourmet level burgers just as conveniently? The answer to that is the self-satisfaction of prepping and dressing your burger exactly the way you want, without the displeasure of having to tolerate any one single ingredient you don’t want. That Guy Arif also has interesting condiments on the menu and you can select from a choice of pickles, pickled onions, homemade whole grain mustard etc.

As a family, we’ve been ordering regularly. I keep a jar of Arif’s pickled onions in the fridge and every time we want burgers, a day’s notice (and sometimes less) will get me a pack of four 150 gram prime beef patties that char on the outside and remain perfectly juicy and tender on the inside, depending on how well done you want yours. Burger buns can be ordered just as conveniently from Pie in the Sky or Slice of Life; many friends even go keto, without the bun, topping up with salad greens, tomatoes and cheese (entirely optional).

“I have two teenage boys who love burgers,” that guy Arif calls the cause for starting this online business. “As a family we experiment with different kinds of cuisines but burgers have always been a cornerstone. Started making them at home so that we could be sure we were eating clean, hygenically prepared food that at the same time appealed to our palates.”

Hygiene of course plays a huge role in the rise and desire of home cooking; it’s something most households have taken up especially in this last year. But amongst so many culinary options out there, what makes these burger patties worth their grain?

“There are several seasoning elements, the sequence in which they go in, and the way in which they are mixed, are all important if you understand the chemistry,” one is told as reason for the patties being stand out. “I’m not a food scientist by any means, but I do a lot of research, reading and experimentation. Everything on our limited menu has gone through many different iterations before I’m happy enough with it to put it out.”

I haven’t yet tried the chicken burger options or the beef jerky that Arif has recently introduced to the menu, but the beef burger patties are now a staple. They come in two variations: regular, which is a 150g patty and junior, which is slightly smaller at 100g. Here’s the highly recommended way to put your burger together:

“You need mayo, leaf lettuce (forms a barrier that prevents the bottom from soaking and disintegrating), rocket, tomatoes, the beef patty, pickles, and whole grain mustard liberally applied on the top part of the bun. The mustard is key - it compliments the beef hugely; the pickles provide a sour offset, but the notes of the mustard take it to another level. Plus, the caviar-like pop of the seeds in the mouth give you a luxurious aftertaste. If I’m in the mood, sometimes I may add some grilled onions or prep a quick relish, but that’s optional. Oh, and how could I forget the cheese added onto the patty during the last part of the cook. My favourite is mature cheddar, but any cheddar/American cheese will do.”

Online Therapy: That Guy Arif