Makeup tricks to achieve flawlessness

February 21, 2021

Want to achieve that perfect, airbrushed makeup look? Here are some beauty hacks that are easy and will help you up your beauty game in no time.

If you are gripped by makeup then you will agree that achieving a flawless makeup look can be quite challenging and, at times frustrating. But, thanks to different makeup hacks, your beauty routine can become easier and perhaps even more fun. From prepping your face to a crash course in how to brighten up your eyes, here are some beauty tricks that will definitely change your outlook for the best. Read on...

Prep up your skin

Consider skin care as your makeup primer! The best way to ensure a strong complexion before you apply makeup on your face is to prep your skin for it - to create a healthy base for your foundation and concealer. Soon after you wash your face, moisturising your skin is a must to ensure a healthy glow from within. You can also opt for a sheet mask - 15 minutes prior to putting on your makeup – for that healthy glow. Use a face roller on your jawline and cheekbones; it’s a soft, easy way of de-puffing. Once you are done moisturising your skin, the next step is to put on a good quality primer that contains silica (it has a filling effect).

Go light on foundation

Instead of applying foundation on your entire face, only apply it to the spots you need it on, especially during the day. Don’t use your brush or your fingers to apply it. Go for a sponge or beauty blender for a streak-free application. This takes just a few minutes and leaves you with flawless-looking skin.

Conceal away

Use a concealer to hide signs of sleep deprivation. Apply it in a direction from the inner corner of your eye to the outer one, as an ideal to cover the problem area only. It’s better to make light strokes rather than dot the concealer. If you bl nd it out with your fingers, warm them up – it’ll make the process easier and the results better.

Touch up your brows

The biggest difference comes from your eyebrows, but we often tend to ignore them. All you have to do is lightly fill in any gaps with a brow pencil and use a disposable mascara wand to brush them. The trick is to use your natural eye brow shape as a guide and go for multiple small strokes rather than thick lines to create a full, natural brow.

Brighten your eyes

Have those early morning meetings? Then the best way to open up your eyes is to apply a highlighter or powdered eye shadow at the inner corner of your eyes. Pearl works great on paler skin tones, while gold makes deeper skin gleam. This hack is especially good for those who need to look bright eyed all day long.

Curl your lashes

If you want to look more awake and you don’t have the time to put on mascara then just go ahead and curl your lashes with an eyelash curler - it works just as well. Doing so will give you a doe-eyed look, even if you haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep. The best part is even if you don’t have a stitch of makeup on, you’ll suddenly look a bit more alive by just curling your eyelashes.

Putting on mascara

Remember that when you are putting on mascara don’t just swipe the brush and go. Make sure that you cover the roots of your eyelashes too as it helps in making your lashes look fuller and thicker. All you have to do is start in the corner of the eye and then work across before brushing it through.

Add some blush and lip colour

Want to look like a human who got eight hours of sleep even though you didn’t? Add blush to your cheeks and eyelids. Take a universally flattering peach blush and sweep it over your cheeks and lids. Finish off your look with a bright pink or a bold red and boom! You are a new person, ready to take on the day. ­

Makeup tricks to achieve flawlessness