The blitz of new music

February 14, 2021

Rearts Records talks to Instep about the barrage of upcoming music via their label.

Karakoram is releasing its debut full-length album called Ailaan-e-Jang including hits like 'Toofan', 'Raasta' and Fanaa' within this month.

Irrespective of the potential arrival of Spotify to Pakistan, musicians are producing music at a roaring speed. Rearts Records, one of the few record labels with credibility, is at the heart of releasing these records. The music they are releasing is a showcase of not just prolific names but also emerging names that have the potential to take the industry in a diametrically different, much more open space.

From emerging artists to well-established names, music in 2021 is promising to be even more exciting than the preceding year.

Speaking to Instep, Azeem Hamid, founding partner and creative director at Rearts, revealed the slew of records and singles that will be arriving this month as well as future works.

On Valentine’s Day, alongside a music video, a single called ‘Siachin (Jog reword) by Fake Shamans featuring Rakae Jamil, Aizaz Sohail & Farhan Ali, is scheduled to release. “It’s their first single in over a year,” said Azeem.

Black Hour (who found a national platform as part of Pepsi Battle of the Bands revival years) is releasing what will be their “third studio and first Urdu album” called Woh Jahan. “Scheduled for release on February 19th, the album comprises seven tracks in total with two music videos, ‘Aik Nayi Subh’ and ‘Husn-e-Haqiqi’, having released in the previous year,” explained Azeem.

The mighty Karakoram featuring Sherry Khattak are finally releasing their debut album, also this month. Titled Ailaan-e-Jang the album will drop anywhere between February 10-20th. “It will feature a total of 10 tracks including previously released singles such as ‘Toofaan’, ‘Raasta’ and ‘Fanaa’.”

“Risham Faiz Bhutta (with her stage name RFB), whose song ‘Kunwaray’ featured as the OST of web series Churails, is now working on releasing a series of new singles such as ‘Sitaaray’ and ‘Saan Rukh Jaanda’ coming out this month and later we’re expecting a four-track EP from her.”

Among more well-known names, Auj will be releasing their debut album. “However, the band hasn’t decided on a date yet on when to release it but we are hoping to release it in the next coming months.”

“Mehdi Maloof’s debut album and Dhool’s debut album are also scheduled for release in the next coming months. Both the artists are working in the studio and wrapping up their debut albums.”

Fake Shamans, one of the most exciting musical acts is scheduled to release their first single over a year on Valentine's Day (today).

Azeem further revealed, “Amna Riaz is our latest recruit this year and she’s also set to release her debut EP by the end of this month. She’s definitely someone to watch out for. Alongside, Taha Jamil - an Australia based Pakistani who does punk-pop-rock - is working on a series of singles; with his recent release titled ‘Raaton Ke Diye’ out last month, next in line are ‘Haseena’ and ‘Jeevan’.”

Other artists who have released music via Rearts include Zoha Zuberi while other acts such as Bayaan and Kashmir are already in the studio working on new content. “Ali Noor is also gearing up with new content and collaborations at the moment. Natasha Humera Ejaz is set to make a mark this year with her electronic moniker Stupid Happiness Theory.”

Can you say huzzah for the music?

The blitz of new music