“My page on Instagram is a hobby that I love”

February 7, 2021

A conversation with social media influencer Habiba Rahman on her page and followers on Instagram

The News on Sunday (TNS): Your page on Instagram seems to be mostly centred on fashion design and creativity. Tell us more about it?

Habiba Rahman (HR): My Instagram page mainly serves as a creative outlet for me where I like sharing projects I’ve worked on along with the entire process of how I go about it. My most popular content is my sewing and fashion related content. I am a fashion student, currently pursuing a BA in fashion design from the London College of Fashion, and my love for fashion and creating designs is one of the things I love sharing with my followers. These days I’ve taken up crochet, and my followers are totally invested in the process of a cardigan I’m crocheting. I also like sharing tidbits from my daily life. My Instagram is definitely branded towards fashion content and I think that is what most of my followers look forward to.

TNS: Consistently engaging 36,600 followers on Instagram must be challenging. How do you usually come up with content for your page?

HR: I try not to take creating content too seriously, so it doesn’t become something that stresses me out rather than something I enjoy. So I usually end up creating content with the flow, based on my personal interest. For instance, I wanted to stitch a lehenga choli for Eid for myself instead of spending money on an expensive outfit. So, I decided to document the process in a video for all my followers and everyone ended up loving it. I think the best way I can describe it is as a go-with-the-flow process of coming up with content.

TNS: You’re currently enrolled in fashion school and run your page on Instagram as a hobby. How much time do you take out for Instagram?

HR: It usually takes up my weekends because I’m busy with university during the week. The page is not a full-time commitment for me, because I’m a student. This is a hobby I love. My younger sister helps me with shooting all my videos, takes all my photos and is pretty famous for the voiceovers she does for my content on Instagram Television (IGTV).

“The best thing for me has been meeting a lot of new, likeminded individuals.

TNS: With prospects of a successful Instagram career and a degree in fashion design on your side, what does the future look like?

HR: Looking forward, I plan to start something fashion related of my own after I graduate. My page on Instagram is a hobby that I love. Also, for me Instagram doesn’t pay any bills since I don’t usually do paid content unless I love the brand and am given creative freedom. I think it brings down the overall quality of the blog if you’re in it for the money.

TNS: How has the experience of being a prominent part of the Instagram community in Pakistan been for you?

HR: The best thing for me has been meeting a lot of likeminded individuals. I think it’s amazing that I can interact with so many people just because of my Instagram presence. Everyone has been so supportive and loving throughout my time on Instagram. It is a great feeling to be part of a community that is constantly creating new, exciting content.

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“My page on Instagram is a hobby that I love”