Learning how to draw

January 17, 2021

Founder of Pakistan’s first hand-drawing animation company – Mano Animation Studios – Usman Riaz offers online classes and Instep learns more…

We have transformed as a people. Coronavirus that emerged in 2020 has changed lives. Our lives now include working from home while those who are parents are busy making sure their children – at least ones who have the luxury – go online to study. Netflix has made us aware of global television – not just American as was the norm maybe a decade ago – and has provided that much-needed relaxing period (unless you stumble on some real-life documentaries). But apart from Netflix, streaming content, scrolling through YouTube and other websites offering content that may or may not be worth watching has given us too much choice. It has come to a point that it is causing a kind of cognitive dissonance; we skim and skip through multiple things, feeling tired of not knowing what is worth watching and what isn’t.

But going online and spending time procrastinating (or worse – commenting on issues as experts on subjects we know very little about) doesn’t necessarily mean wasting time.

A case in point: Mano Animation Studios, Pakistan’s first hand drawn animation production place, whose leader Usman Riaz is offering classes.

In a press statement, noted Usman Riaz: “I have an exciting news that I want to share with everyone. I have received many requests from you about doing an online class to show how I work. I wanted to announce that I am working with Class 101 to create an online class for you! For those of you who like my art and wanted to know my workflow and process in-depth, this is the perfect chance for you to learn how I approach my art.

If you sign up to get notified when the class is ready just by adding your email (no payment or other info required), you’ll get a $25 coupon from me and a chance to take a short survey to tell me exactly what you would want from a class like this for an additional $5 coupon.”

To register for the class, the interested individual can head to this website (http://101.gg/UsmanRiaz_Followers)

Usman Riaz is the founder of Mano Animation Studios; he is also the director and co-music composer of Pakistan’s first hand drawn, upcoming film, The Glassworker, that is based in Urdu language and tells the story of Vincent and Alliz and the art of glasswork.

Set to be at least 60 minutes long, the trailer of the film has been released as well as BTS and is nothing short of a work of art. Usman Riaz is a Senior TED Fellow as well.

Learning how to draw