Flash Your Style

January 10, 2021

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It's 2021! We're still wrapping our heads around the new year and mentally settling into a new routine while the world and its events speed by. But where other things might be uncertain, what’s guaranteed is us bringing you new looks in the new year to help you forecast what's going to be trending in 2021. Let's dig in.

Mushk Kaleem

With those long, glamorous legs, model Mushk Kaleem can make anything look good - not that she had to work hard to make this leather gown look high fashion. Everything about this ensemble screams red carpet ready, which Kaleem was as she hosted the 19th annual LSA's in the black dress of our dreams.

Hasnain Lehri

While Lehri is intimidatingly good looking, he is hands down one of the nicest and most humble men we've met in the industry. Seeing him grow as a model from year to year is testament to his talent, which also includes dressing like the star he is. Spotted at the LSA red carpet in an Ismail Farid smoking jacket as he receives his award for Best Male Model 2020.

Sohai Ali Aabroo

In a sea of gowns and pretty, sequinned dresses, step outside like Sohai in this UJ Bespoke tuxedo that took our breath away. Two toned, cinched with a leather belt and fitted to the t, this custom creation is a reminder that structure and fashion are fast friends and should always be paired together.

Shees Sajjad Gul

Holding his own among a bevy of sequined, adult celebs, Shees Sajjad Gul lived up to all Best Emerging Talent expectations in his monochrome leather outfit replete with gloves, giving us major king of pop (Micheal Jackson) vibes. We love the confidence with which Gul carries himself - a rockstar in the making.

Flash Your Style: Mushk Kaleem, Hasnain Lehri, Sohai Ali Aabroo, Shees Sajjad Gul