Usama Khan’s fitness mantra

January 10, 2021

The model and actor talks to Instep about his healthy lifestyle choices and ways of managing stress in this difficult time.

It’s difficult, nay almost impossible, to find a celebrity that isn’t in perfect shape or form these days. It’s a time of heightened awareness but then it’s also a job demand; you have to look your best when you’re in front of the camera all day. We often wonder how our celebrities manage to stay fit and take out time from their tight schedules to work out or hit the gym. While many actors prefer eating clean along with incorporating light exercises in their fitness routines, there are those who follow a strict workout regime – such as cardio exercises, cross-training and weight training etc.

Model and actor Usama Khan is one such fitness enthusiast who believes that working out daily can make all the difference. Having started his acting career in 2017, Usama has a number of projects to his credit including Sanwari, Ghalati, Uraan and many others. The actor also featured in the web series, Meray Dost Meray Yaar 2, alongside Hania Amir, Asim Azhar, Ali Hamza, Asad Siddiqui and Mariyam Nafees. Usama can be presently seen in the ongoing drama serial Chhalawa, which features Navin Waqar Ali Ansari, Samina Ahmed and Adnan Jaffar. Besides, the actor is also gearing up for upcoming drama serials Sitam, Meray Apney and Mohlat.

Instep got in touch with the actor to know how Usama manages to stay fit despite his hectic work routine.

Healthy habits

“You can call me a health maniac and in order to stay healthy I prefer having organic food,” says Usama. “There is a specific diet plan that I follow, which was made after I had a detailed discussion with my trainer. I firmly believe that to be in good shape, eating and exercise habits make all the difference.”

He also believes that a good amount of sleep is necessary to stay healthy. “If you want to function at your full potential then I think it is important to have eight hours of good night’s sleep.”

Eating preferences

As far as his eating preferences are concerned Usama reveals that he takes 4 to 5 meals a day and consumes mostly proteins. “I believe that a balanced diet is a must, so my meals consist of proteins, such as chicken and eggs, fresh green salad, some slices of brown bread, and boiled rice as well as fresh juice,” he informs, adding that he loves grape fruit, pomegranate, orange and apple juices.

Workout regime

According to Usama, he heads to the gym daily and works out under the supervision of his trainer Majid from Structure Health and Fitness. “In order to stay in shape, I mostly do cardio and weight exercises.”

He further went on to say that he was shooting even during lockdown so he had to make sure to stay fit and maintain his weight. “I have set some targets which I have to achieve to meet my fitness goals.”

He continues, “I also have a gym set up at home, which fulfils my workout requirements; so when the gyms were closed due to the ongoing pandemic I was working out at home.”

Stress management strategy

The actor firmly believes that mental health is as important as physical health. “I try to manage my mental health by taking a few days off after every work spell and travel to different areas,” he asserts. “As for what is my stress management strategy, well I love driving, so a long drive with my friends is the best therapy for me.”

Piece of advice

Usama requests all his fans and followers to stay active and healthy during this testing time. “Go jogging even if you are unable to go to the gym. Also I would advise you to give time to yourself. Eat healthy, go for a protein diet and incorporate some juices in your daily diet. The best way to stay healthy is to eat small portions 4 to 5 times a day. Also avoid oil and foods rich in fats,” he stresses. 

Usama Khan’s fitness mantra